New Orleans: Economic Siege

We are in a cultural and heritage “cold” conflict. This should be crystal clear.

The line in the sand has been drawn in New Orleans and in my opinion, the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue is ground zero. It is time for ordinary white Americans to forget the high mindedness of the American mythos and understand that these statues are not symbols of “white supremacy.” No. They are symbols of white solidarity, white history, white culture, and simply put, whiteness. In a very real sense, they have no place in New Orleans.

They have no place standing in a square, circle, or park full of people who hate whiteness. That also includes white people who hate themselves. Nevertheless, ordinary white Americans must also understand that the consequence of this conflict will ultimately be their sub-servitude, unless we respond.

In Alt-Right circles there are many voices who suggest that we must somehow retake New Orleans. I agree that this must be our ultimate goal. But without a clear plan, this is just lofty rhetoric. Post-WWII Weimarica has guaranteed our impotence as a people by discouraging solidarity. That alone should make our situation crystal clear to what few men of honor we have left.

But all hope is not lost. There is a way to restore white American solidarity. The seeds for this are already sewn. It is imperative that we take decisive action now to fertilize and accelerate the growth of our movement and New Orleans holds the key if we smartly use the decline of Detroit as a model.

Counterintuitively, the first step toward taking New Orleans back is to – let it go. Think of this as a divorce. Any man who has been through a divorce will tell you that obsessing about getting his ex back was emotionally crippling and doomed to fail. It clouds the mind and prevents a man from working for his own interests because he mistakenly believes that her interests are the same as his. I think it’s pretty obvious that the black residents of New Orleans do not share our interests. The egalitarian whites in New Orleans who believe otherwise and side with the blacks will ultimately be collateral damage. Let them go too.

Can you accept that New Orleans is already lost? Detroit has been lost for a few decades now – do you lose any sleep over that reality?

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Not Detroit, New Orleans

New Orleans and Detroit are not the same. The situation is similar, but the forces at work are decidedly different. Detroit was once a thriving industrial city. The jewel of the automotive industry. Geography had little to do with Detroit’s rise in the first half of the 20th century – at least, not consequentially enough that dozens of other locations couldn’t have been a substitute for “Motown”.

New Orleans, on the other hand, has always depended on geography for its prosperity. It is a port city located at the mouth (or more accurately, anus) of the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, Mother Nature dictates that New Orleans will continue to serve as the access point to America’s most important river-way.

There are, however, critical similarities between Detroit and New Orleans. White flight has played a role in both cities’ demise. For Detroit this occurred practically overnight as factories were shuttered and mothballed. Once the auto industry abandoned the city, there was very little motivation for whites to stay. However, white flight out of New Orleans has been gradual (with the exception of Hurricane Katrina). The industries that have always fueled the economy in the area are still robust enough to keep a white merchant and blue collar class anchored there. As such, white professionals such as doctors and lawyers remain so long as they can commute from the affluent Northshore and Metairie suburbs.

The backbone port industries of New Orleans are indeed healthy, and if Hurricane Katrina wasn’t enough to make New Orleans a ghost town, it’s hard to imagine what could – that is, outside of tourism.

2015 and 2016 have seen New Orleans’ tourism numbers return to pre-Katrina levels after a decade of struggle. In anticipation of the 2018 tricentennial celebrations in New Orleans, the city announced that 2016 saw 10.45 million visitors, who added 7.41 billion dollars to the economy. In my opinion, the removal of the confederate monuments was motivated by this upcoming tricentennial as much as politics. Mitch Landrieu is hedging his bets that New Orleans will now be more inviting to pro-diversity American and foreign visitors. It is up to us in the Alt-Right to undermine this decision and teach New Orleans a lesson.

This will be challenging. The people who typically visit New Orleans are, in fact, drawn to the diversity and debauchery it offers. The variety of foods and multicultural celebrations are akin to international tourist cities like Rio de Janeiro. New Orleans tourism is fueled by consumerism – gluttony, debauchery and vice. I would be lying if I claimed to never have indulged in it myself.

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When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural.

I do believe, however, that if enough people are made aware of the true motivations behind all of this, they will be offended and angered by it. I do believe that rational white people are beginning to sense and understand these attacks on their history and culture. I do believe that there are enough men and women of integrity to make a difference and use their pocket books to send a clear message that this will no longer be tolerated.

We must mobilize and target New Orleans. It must be ground zero. After the Lee statue came down, I swore to myself to never spend another dime in that city. Calling for boycotts is easier said than done. I say to this, however, that if we can’t organize a boycott, we’ll never succeed at anything our movement hopes to accomplish.

We must compile a list of popular consumer goods that are made in or associated with New Orleans. Brands like Zatarain’s, Tony Chacere’s seasonings, Louisiana hot sauce and Tabasco. We must boycott Saint’s Football and stop purchasing sportswear and memorabilia associated with that team. We must avoid traveling and doing business in New Orleans at all costs. We must hold every company that has economic interests in New Orleans accountable for the political decisions made by that city.

We must lay economic siege and treat New Orleans as the Sodom and Gomorrah on the Mississippi it has become.

Listen. This absolutely has to happen and I want to take this moment as an opportunity to find common ground with all politically minded Americans – Southern Nationalists, libertarians, III%ers, oathkeepers, the greater Alt-Right, hell, even basic bitch Republicans and “based” minority groups who understand the disaster that is occurring before our very eyes. There are rational minded realists, plenty of us, who understand what is at stake.

You don’t have to be white or even “conservative” really to comprehend that there is no future for Western Civilization if you subordinate the ethnic European people who created it. This isn’t about white supremacy. This isn’t about idol worship of Confederate figures. It’s about preserving the heritage and monuments to history that our (yes, white) ancestors created – not because a bronze statue really matters at the end of the day. It’s because of what it symbolizes, what it really means, not to leave them up, but rather to tear them down.

Our warnings that monuments to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington aren’t sacred, are not hollow. With SJW extremists, there is no end to the perceived wrongs or the lengths they will go to to “right” them. It’s worse than that though. With the corporatist oligarchy pulling the strings, nothing is sacred. The only thing these people understand is money. The bizarre alliance between self-proclaimed anarchists and Marxists and corporate interests is stunning. But it is a fact we must face and we can (and must) unravel their efforts by hitting them in the wallet.

Trust me, you can live without hot sauce. You can live without Saint’s football. You can live without Mardi Gras beads. It’s an easy decision for me because I want to take everything back. I’ll start by letting go of New Orleans and everything associated with it.

Will you?

Finally, for the naysayers who say economic boycotts don’t work – that is demonstrably false. It is one of the most effective tools used by leftists. Even apolitical boycotts have worked in the past. Coca-Cola can attest to their 80’s mistake of reformulating their brand. Resolve is the only obstacle and leftists have shown time and time again that solidarity in a boycott works. Here are some recent examples of effective boycotts.

We must do this. A full-on boycott of everything associated with New Orleans is easy and an attack on multiple brands will be more effective than a single company. You don’t even have to leave your home to participate. Let the globalists eat their own feces by using the global nature of the market against them.

There’s really no other way.


  1. I think a boycott of New Orleans is a good idea. I have never been to New Orleans, and I do not consume any of the products that Identity Dixie Guest suggested, so I guess I am already in boycott mode. (Lets also boycott Israel while we are at it).

  2. Last year I made a mini-vacation to see all the Confederate monuments before they were removed. Even I didn’t realize the cleansing would happen so quickly. I agree with your article and will never vacation in New Orleans again.