Speaking Truth to Egalitarianism

Why is miscegenation immoral? In the Current Year, most Westerners would outright reject even the slightest suggestion that it is. Even still, deep down, all white parents (fathers and mothers alike) experience a measure of disappointment when their daughter brings home a “nice black boy” to meet her family. Despite their misgivings, many (if not most) parents will choose not to rock the boat, not to express their disappointment (to each other as well as their daughter) and silently pray that it’s “just a phase.” They instinctively know that their daughter is making a bad choice, but their egalitarian indoctrination prevents them from fully understanding why – and, in fact muddies their thinking to the point that they dismiss their misgivings as unethical, out of date prejudice.

I’m going to offer a different angle on this subject, one that may surprise you. First I’ll state that miscegenation in and of itself is not immoral. Think about it. Other than arguments that it is counter-instinctive, which are debatable, it is difficult for a logical thinking man to offer objective reasons as to why it is wrong. Yet, most of us still know in our hearts that it is wrong. Perhaps the argument that it is a treacherous form of racial treason is a better one? There is a bit of emotionalism in that argument, and in our hyper-individualistic society you’ll be hard pressed to make a non-emotional case that will sway the indoctrinated egalitarian.

There lies the key, however. Egalitarianism is wrong because it is, at best, misleading and – at worst an outright lie. The decision to miscegenate is invariably based on egalitarian falsehoods: lack of (or ignoring of) facts, lack of education, lack of common sense. I could be wrong, but I believe that Western people still value truth and honesty above all other moral considerations.

If my empty house were ablaze, and I sent an unwitting firefighter into the inferno after falsely saying that a child was trapped inside, and if that firefighter was put in danger, injured, or otherwise killed, would I be accountable for the harm he endured? Of course. Lies are not only immoral, they can often lead to dangerous and irreversible consequences. A pregnancy due to miscegenation always has consequences, and far more often than not they are harmful to everyone involved.

These egalitarian lies are socially entrenched and have been that way for nearly 200 years now. The 19th century was an era of rapid social reform that culminated in the Civil War. Largely driven by Christian abolitionists, the idea that the races were all fundamentally equal not only resulted in the abolishment of slavery, it was also carried westward during the Manifest Destiny migrations into the frontier. When pioneer settlers encountered hostile Native American tribes (such as the Comanche), their well meaning but naive Christian impulses often led to brutal torture, rape, infanticide, and if they were fortunate, merciful death at the hands of savage Comanche warriors.

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Back East their egalitarian ministers were preaching the concept of the “noble savage,” appealing to their altruistic natures and convincing them that they were in no danger from the Red Man on their journey west. In fact, they should open their arms and attempt to Christianize these misunderstood children of God. Armed with their bibles and the best of intentions, these pioneer families were effectively like the fireman in my earlier example – on a mission to save the souls of these poor uncivilized “children of God” who simply weren’t aware of the fiery inferno that awaited them in Hell.

Modern leftist revisionists portray the white man as the “true savage” and explain that our “evil” forefathers smarter, well armed and better prepared wagon trains that encountered Comanches on their journey resulted in dead peaceful natives. Johnny Depp’s recent portrayal of Tonto in the Lone Ranger reboot is a good example of this propaganda.

The reality is that the westward expansion of white settlers into Indian territory was by its nature certain to provoke hostilities. The simple truth is that conquering a land usually requires conquering a people, and that’s the long sordid story of human history. Westward expansion of whites was not immoral and neither was the hostility of the native tribes. It merely was what it was and no value judgement should be placed upon it – but, for civilized people, the sheer comparative brutality and sadism of the Comanche is all the proof we need that they were a morally inferior tribe, and the Christian ministers who negligently told their congregations otherwise are ultimately culpable for the resulting slaughter.

Are the consequences of lies more clear now?

How does this relate to miscegenation? Well, clearly the lesson we should learn from history is that choices made on falsehoods are wrought with peril. The highest morality is that which is based on truth. White European settlers were fed misinformation on their journey west, and likewise, our modern culture propagates egalitarian falsehoods that lead to harmful results when impressionable young women (and men) choose to mate with other races. This isn’t even a question of superiority versus inferiority. It is wholly an issue of genetic and behavioral differences that are incompatible with our civilized and prosperous white society.

For at least 200 years, mass populations of white Europeans have lived in close proximity to black Africans and Native American people on this continent. We have Christianized them. We have educated them. We have shared our prosperity, our technology, our literature, our culture and our institutions. They have been taught our laws, our customs, our rituals and our ethics. This process has become so obscene that not only do we share with them, in the Current Year we elevate them artificially above us and offer unending penance for exaggerated and mischaracterized “crimes” of the past.

Television advertisements go out of their way to be inclusive of minority imagery, to the point of absurdity and try-hardedness. Throngs of pathological leftists literally worship a token negro ex-president who accomplished very little and presided over an increasingly hostile racial climate.

After 200 plus years of coexistence, blacks, and yes, even Native Americans, still commit significantly disproportionate instances of violent crime towards both whites and each other. They have higher rates of illiteracy, poverty, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, out of wedlock pregnancy, unemployment and homelessness. At least two distinct generations have been born since civil rights laws were fully codified, affirmative action implemented and desegregation enforced. Yet, minority behavior patterns remain largely unchanged and in some ways are worse today than they were in the 1960’s.

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Ferguson Riots – based on a lie

I’m a father. I fully intend to make my children racially aware and educated in the consequences of miscegenation. Despite my firm dedication to the values of the Alt-Right, I understand the feel-good appeal of individualism. Sure, I know some black men and women who exist among the “talented tenth” of their race. These are good people. Possessing good work ethic and exhibiting moral behavior, they exist on the far right of the negro bell curve. Yet, I also know that they are exceptions whose uncommonly good qualities amongst negroes fall within the mean of IQ and behavior for whites.

I’m also aware of the tendency to regress toward the mean in later generations. And the mean for blacks, as far as IQ and criminality, is significantly below that of whites. What may be (seemingly/barely) tolerable for my own children in their individual life choices is certain to be a burden for their future children and grandchildren. There is far more at stake than my own happiness or that of my children, particularly when all could be avoided with a healthy, ethical, honest and forthright dose of the TRUTH.

I will not be like those Christian ministers of yore who, almost certainly unwittingly, sent their flock into the wilderness unprepared for the savagery that awaited them. In every aspect of life outside of racial considerations, we seek to prepare our children for the difficulties and challenges of life. We send them to school to gain an education and life skills. We teach them the values we believe will help them succeed. We warn against drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse. We guide them in career decisions in hopes that they will be happy. Yet, we restrain ourselves from teaching them the realities of race and, in fact, do far worse than that. We send them into the world with a head full of lies and half truths. “They have to learn for themselves” is the excuse we use to absolve ourselves of responsibility.

If that minister of yesteryear had known the facts, if he had seen firsthand the savagery of the Comanche, would he still have sent his flock into the wilderness? Only a scoundrel would do such a thing, and I suggest to you that if you understand the dangers of miscegenation, yet restrain yourself from teaching those cold hard facts to your children, you’re every bit as much the scoundrel yourself.

It is time to take everything back, including the truth. For truth is indeed the highest morality of all.


  1. Good article Spencer,
    I would like to say three things. First, you are absolutely right that to fail to teach your children the truth about racial differences makes one a party to their bad choices and misery if they miscegenate. Second, the ministers who sent their parishioners out West to “Christianize” the Indians are somewhat akin to those who are currently opening the doors of Europe and America to Middle Eastern savages. Lastly, at least from a conservative Protestant perspective, I think that it is possible to make a case that miscegenation is immoral (in a Biblical sense).

    1. Also I would like to add Joe that I ponder intellectual contradictions all the time. It’s in my nature. I do not believe that egalitarians are purely motivated by evil. Many do honestly think that a world full of mongrels would be a better world. I think their end game is some imagined utopian peace full of “virtuous pedophiles” and brown people dildo parades. ….where I absolutely know their belief is, in fact, evil, is in the engineering that is required to make it happen. When a social system is demonstrably unnatural as egalitarianism is, and when it must be forced by legal means, it is coercive and antithetical to freedom. No matter what the utopian fantasy that motivates it, it is wrong. War is more ethical than that.

  2. Hi Joe.

    Thanks for the comment. I was raised in a Protestant home and attended a Protestant church growing up. My family was conservative in the sense that they typically voted for Republicans (though I think my father told me once that he voted for Jimmy Carter for the 76 election, probably because he was a southerner and professed Christian). I’m very sympathetic with Dixie’s Christian traditions, and I do my very best to not “countersignal” traditional religion in my articles too much. However, I’m decidedly a Darwinian evolutionist who believes that our struggle to pass healthy genes to the next generation, and in fact, pass BETTER genes to the next generation, by natural mate selection, is an absolute truth, and it is difficult if not impossible to find consistency or congruency with a 2000 year old Semitic and Greek influenced religion written by people who believed themselves to be separate from Animals and not governed by the same instincts and pressures that animals experience. I don’t dismiss any Christian moralities and in fact live by the upbringing I received for the most part, EXCEPT where that morality conflicts with my instinct to survive and pass my genes along.
    As far as the immorality of miscegenation, I think it being based on a lie is reason enough to call it immoral. That was basically the point of the article. I also think it is simply natural to prefer mating with someone who carries more similar genetics without the need to assign quality points to different races. So if something is natural, and has a biological benefit that isn’t contrived (I’m considering pro-homosexual pretzel logic arguments here), it is generally going to be moral. However, there probably are in fact times when environmental pressures would necessitate miscegenation. Scarcity would be an example. Wolves and coyotes will mate in environments where mating options are scarce. So my argument is that if one can identify a natural circumstance for it, it probably isn’t immoral in a wholesale way. The problem is that there is no scarcity in the west, and there is an artificial reverence toward brown people that is being brainwashed into white people, women in particular , and THAT is EVIL. I don’t even usually believe in the good/evil paradigm all that much, but if there is evil, manipulation is certainly IT. So intellectually, I always come back to motivations as my basis for characterizing morality. Lies and manipulations are corrupt motivations. That’s enough for me.

    1. Spencer, I’m really enjoying your articles. Thanks for writing them.

      Miscegenation is literally adulteration in the 7th commandment of the Old Testament, which was not written by jews.

      You may find some of the links I’ve compiled in this article useful.


  3. “For at least 200 years, mass populations of white Europeans have lived in close proximity to black Africans and Native American people on this continent. We have Christianized them. We have educated them. We have shared our prosperity, our technology, our literature, our culture and our institutions. They have been taught our laws, our customs, our rituals and our ethics. This process has become so obscene that not only do we share with them, in the Current Year we elevate them artificially above us and offer unending penance for exaggerated and mischaracterized “crimes” of the past.”