Brawny’s Toughest Mess Yet Might Just Be One of Their Own Making

Here we go again. Now Brawny has jumped on the SJW bandwagon. Aside from the sheer stupidity extant in the grade school semantics of implying anyone ever implied strength has a “gender” or has asserted at any point that men are strong and women are weak, they’re alienating God knows how many of their customers with this pretentious and pointless politically correct pandering.

You can read more about this latest fiasco here in this article:

For your exquisite viewing pleasure, here is the recent commercial they ran:

Oh Brawny Towels… you have the strength to clean up tough messes. But not the strength to take even the most basic stands for common sense and traditional American values; and to not cave to the anti-American regressive left under the slightest amount of pressure. Or to even just stay out of politics altogether. You’re a paper towel manufacturer. No one expects you or any company to vocalize their political opinions. Here’s hoping your paper towels are tough enough to clean up the PR mess you’re going to make, if you keep this up.

P.S. Pardon our chortling when you get hit by the inevitable tidal wave of outrage from the eternally offended SJW crowd for having predominantly white, fit women in your new video ad and not enough “plus sized” women of color.