Open Letter to “Save the Robert E. Lee Statue”

To Whom It May Concern,

Over the weekend, as you are aware, two rallies were held at Lee Park in your municipality. One was organized by pro-white, pro-monument activists and led by Alt-Right spokesperson Richard Spencer. The following day, a motley crew of “Antifa” counter-protestors gathered around the Robert E. Lee monument and defiled it with a “hate banner” intended to incite hostility toward pro-white advocates.

It has come to our attention that your group posted a statement on Facebook disavowing the presence of, in your words, “white supremacists” at the monument. As of this writing, there has been no commentary from your Facebook page on the presence of an “anti-white hate group” at the monument the following day. Your group, one that claims to be advocates for the monument, disavowed the presence of allies who organized on behalf of the monument – yet, the silence is deafening from your camp on the presence of hateful, rage filled, screaming, rabid communists who would otherwise defile and deface the monument if not for the presence of law enforcement.

What gives?

Let’s be frank here. We’re going to offer you a little sympathy and understanding (very little). We can understand that this is a difficult situation. The radical Left is determined to whitewash history and destroy monuments that honor (what they deem as) “white supremacy” by removing them from the public sphere. They offer no compromise, and it must seem like a futile battle. But this is precisely why you should offer them no quarter.

The temptation is to “reason” with them. The temptation is to appeal to their “better angels.” The problem with this tactic is it’s failure to recognize their true motivations. Removing these symbols of heritage and history is the first step toward conquering the majority white population and insuring your future servitude. Think about it. White people are not yet the minority in this nation and we already willingly submit to their whims. No, it’s worse than that! A significant number of people within our own ranks organize on behalf of the minority against our own interests! If we can’t even stand united as an interest group when we hold a majority, what level of prostrating will be required once we are the minority class?

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The argument that the leftist establishment makes about these monuments is that they somehow “glorify slavery.” The bridge they attempt to make between the monuments and “white supremacists” (a calculated obfuscation of white nationalism) is based on the false premise that we wish to return to chattel slavery as a legitimate institution. Not one serious white nationalist believes this. No, the thrust of our movement is the advocacy of white interests – every racial group in this country advocates for their tribe, except us – that has to change. There is also no room for slavery in our agenda. So get that notion out of your head.

Our people stood at Lee’s statue this weekend in solidarity to defend our legacy and heritage, while our mutual enemies spat upon our shared heritage. And your organization chose us to disavow? What kind of a topsy turvy circus has our nation become?

Look, prior to the War of Northern Aggression slavery was practiced around the world by all nations and all people. If owning slaves is the basis for besmirching these Confederate figures, then it is no stretch of the imagination that all tributes to men of history must be abolished. Men such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and George Washington. Napoleon Bonaparte planned to reinstitute slavery after the French Revolution. It was only because of the Haitian Slave Rebellion that his plan was thwarted. Should all memorials to Bonaparte in France be removed and shamefully shoved out of public view?

What the Left is engaged in is tantamount to book burning. Yet they accuse white nationalists of being the “Nazis!” Obediently and dutifully you join their chorus in disavowing white nationalists. The cognitive dissonance here is quite breathtaking.

Let’s take a look at the future of white America. It stands to reason that your organization is familiar with history, since you’re advocating for a historic monument. In April, 2015 a historic statue of Cecil Rhodes was torn down at the University of Cape Town. This happened two decades after the end of apartheid and the establishment of black majority South African government. To be quite honest, it is totally understandable that a majority black South African populace would demand the removal of white monuments. However, Cecil Rhodes was not a slave owner. He was a controversial figure to be sure, but he didn’t own slaves. His leadership in the organizing of colonial business interests in South Africa and the establishment of Rhodesia would be more akin to Thomas Jefferson or George Washington, than slave owners in the Deep South (note: they’ll come for TJ and Washington within the next ten years because of “muh slavery”). Yet, down his statue came, simply because he was a controversial white man and was viewed unfavorably through the biased lens of black dominated (and dysfunctional) South African politics.

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All white statues will be removed


Just look at the oppression that the dwindling white population of Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, faces. Land seizures and slayings of Rhodesian farm families have stained the legitimacy of the Mugabe led government since he gained power. Is this the future that you look forward to in the United States? Again, it is perfectly understandable that such atrocities would occur in a black majority nation against whites. We sympathize with our white brothers and sisters in these countries, but any rational man would have sold off his property and fled the very same day that whites relinquished control to blacks.

These comments aren’t racist. They’re reality. The situation in South Africa and Zimbabwe was to be expected. It’s tribalism. It’s anti-white hate. This is the future that you unwittingly endorse by disavowing the white nationalists who toll the warning bells, while you grovel at the feet of anti-white leftists and degenerates (Have you seen these people up close? They don’t even bathe for the most part).

Where will you go when all the statues have been torn down? In a few short years the United States government will be controlled by a majority non-white population (see the chart above on declining demographics). At the current rate, Europe will have converted to Islam?

This is our future unless we unite and take a stand. This is why we in the Alt-South and Alt-Right demand that we take everything back, before it is too late.

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