Charlottesville: YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US

On May 13th, Richard Spencer, Sam Dickson, Mike Enoch, Nathan Damigo and members of several groups including: Identity Evropa, Vanguard America, League of the South, The Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Identity Dixie, etc., stood together to let the world know, our people WILL NOT BE REPLACED. Removing statues is simply a foreshadowing of what the (((Marxist))) memory hole wishes to vanquish; the European people. Sensing the direction of these anti-White actions, our people have motivated to preempt any further progress our enemies seek. The Robert E. Lee monument, and others across the South, as you have already seen, are already being taken down in the name of, “inclusion.”

The following is a visual journey of the event, from the speeches given by Stonewall Jackson’s monument, through a trip to the local pub, a visit to the concurrent, ‘Festival of Cultures” right down the street, at the foot of the Robert E. Lee statue (*RAGE), and finally back to the Robert E. Lee statue for a torchlight vigil and ceremony later that evening.

1 Marching In_1
Marching in

 photo 1 General Robert E. Lee_1.jpg
General Robert E. Lee Monument

 photo 1 Our Guys at the base of the Stonewall Jackson monument_1.jpg

 photo 1 Sam Dickson speaking.jpg
Sam Dickson

 photo 1 Mike Enoch_1.jpg
Mike Enoch

 photo 1 Richard Spencer.jpg
Richard Spencer

 photo 1 Sam DIckson smiles.jpg
Sam Dickson

 photo 1 Cuck Lives Matter_1.jpg
Cuck boi

 photo 1 Where Angels Fear to Tread.jpg
Where Angels fear to tread

 photo 1 Wes Bellamy tweet_1.jpg
City of Charlottesville Vice Mayor & President of 100 Black Men of Central VA
 photo 1 Signs of the Times.jpg
Another Wes Bellamy tweet

 photo 1 You Will Not Replace Us group pic.jpg

1 Our guys and Wes Bellamy tweets 2
Wow! Wes Bellamy sure runs his mouth, I wonder why he didn’t face us and say anything in person???
1 Enoch Field Boss_1
We’re all Mike Enoch now
1 Jason Kessler Goat lady_1
Jason Kesller, the brave soul who exposed the Wes Bellamy tweets, barely avoid a GRID’s infection from the Goat lady
1 Alex Heimbach JC_1
Brothers in Arms

1 Total Bro Wes Bellamy tweet_1
TOTAL BRO with another Wes Bellamy tweet

 photo 1 The Merchants of Charlottesville.jpg
The Merchant of Charlottesville

 photo 1 Community Organizers_1.jpg
(((Community Organizers)))

 photo 1 Cuck o the current year - aka sex workers matter.jpg
Cuck o’ the current year – Sex Worker lives matter guy

 photo 1 Charlottesville normies think were cute - lel.jpg
Lel – Charlottesville normies think we’re cute

1 Festival of Cultures - guess which culture wasnt included_1
The “Festival of Cultures” right down the street, surrounding the Robert E. Lee Monument (*RAGE)

1 Gunther Lee

 photo 1 Disgusting.jpg
Disgusting. Right in front of children, no less

 photo 1 Boomers dancing away our future with brown people - fitting.jpg
Boomers dancing away our future with brown people – fitting.


 photo 1 Torchlight Vigil_1.jpg
Torchlight Vigil



  1. Thank you for your report, Mr. Adams.

    Too, I most heartily thank all the other groups which joined and reinforcet the League of The South at this event, as normally, it is The League, alone, which is left to defend the assaults on White culture, in The South.

    When I saw the new alliance, I breathed a sigh of relief I have not felt before.