The Last Full Measure of Monumental Hypocrisy

I’m starting to think the Left might be right about taking down our monuments.  America is no longer a place for the legacy of notable white men of history to be openly celebrated with their monuments on public display.   The euphoric degeneracy, rampant corruption, and insane mirth accompanying our national decline as it is labeled “progress,” epitomized and embodied by the Left and the legions of Esau’s amongst us who are all too eager to sell our heritage and birthright for the lentils of political correctness is a fair indicator that the monuments to great men of our history like Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis do indeed need to be removed.

For America in general and the South, in particular, ceased to be the land they fought for a long time ago.

If the laws of creation could be suspended long enough for the souls of these men to be awoken from their rest to possess and animate their stone-cold visages, I would wish to God that they would be bound from doing so, lest they learn of the great squandering of their legacy by their descendants with their own eyes.

Perhaps the time for the memory of Kipling’s gods of the copybook headings (aka gods of wisdom and virtue) to fade and for them to be supplanted by the gods of the marketplace has come.   If you have joined your voice with the cacophony of others that call for their removal, they’re not your heroes. Nor were they ever. You neither comprehend that you could nor deserve to be the arbiters of their legacy.  Bandage your fingers, ye burnt fools, and go wobbling back to your precious fires.

While we may oppose in principle the full frontal assault upon our heritage that is this crusade of the eternally outraged, whose only faculties are apparently surrendering all that our forefathers with much difficulty attained, we also realize the inherent folly and innate superficiality of the notion that tearing down a monument to a great man accomplishes anything more than exalting him.

When the Catholic church exhumed and burned the remains of John Wycliffe they not only ensured that his memory would endure, but in the outworking of their hatred for and malice against the truth and those who boldly proclaim it affirmed the same in what would prove to be the most profound and poetic of ways!  Because the influence and legacy of Wycliffe would, despite all the fury of the political establishment of his day, spread as though it was being carried on the very winds and currents of the Thames that scattered his ashes.

In similar fashion, the removal of our monuments by a faction who is avowedly abhorrent of the legacy and history of the Saxon is little more than an acknowledgment of their greatness, and the superiority of the world they built.

When a man covets and lusts after what another has built and obtained and he cannot have it for himself, he often resorts to seeking its destruction.  The egalitarian covets and lusts after the greatness of those to whom he is unequal most fervently of all; and not altogether unlike the child who, when bested in a game, who lacks motivation, discipline, etc. to simply strive to become better derives perverse pleasure in smashing the board to the floor and scattering the playing pieces, the lemmings of liberalism whose icons and heroes have consistently failed throughout the course of history to create a single nation built off of the principles of their humanistic dogma think that removing symbols of and monuments to our heritage from public view will somehow make us all forget that the ideals and ideologies of the antique Europeans and only those men and ideologies are the very embodiment of how the west was won.  That the very free societies that afford them the liberty to behave as the petulant little children they time and again prove themselves content to behave as were built by those very men whose monuments they are now defacing.

The removal of our monuments, as among the first acts of the inmates who have taken over the proverbial asylum, can only herald one thing: that the time is soon at hand in which reason will prevail, the laws of cause and effect will be enforced by the creator of this universe of unfairness and inequality and in which, the truth of the reality we live in crushed to earth will rise again.

But until then America, until our promised land is restored, thy name is Ichabod. What more powerful visual proof could we ask for that the glory is truly departed, than the removal of the monuments to the men the God of our fathers used to bring about that glory? The sooner our people realize that, the sooner the triumph of truth can be known, and that the remnant; that principled minority of the dispossessed majority can find refuge from the terror and slaughter that will accompany the imminent return of the gods of wisdom and virtue. So please, all you who hate the white man and everything he stands for, by all means, continue just as you are!

Continue so that we can collectively sigh with indescribable relief as we say…  Deo Vindice indeed.   +++

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    1. He was an early and very important figure in the Reformation. He’s often referred to as “the morning star of the reformation.” His work on translating the scriptures paved the way for Tyndale and others to translate the Bible into English. The Catholic church tried numerous times (unsuccessfully) to condemn him as a heretic, yet Wycliffe has the added distinction of being among the few men who questioned the absolute authority of the Catholic church and lived to tell of it. This did not stop Catholics from posthumously branding him a heretic, however, and exhuming his remains to burn them as penalty.

  1. The author of this peace hates the Catholic Church. I guess he dosent realize that the Vatican was the first country to recognize the confederacy and that Jefferson Davis converted to Catholisism while attending Catholic School.

    1. I don’t hate the Catholic church. I hate what the Catholic church became and the extent to which it contributed to the oppression of our people throughout history. I gladly acknowledge that many a good man in history was Catholic for one reason or another, and tip my hat to Catholicism where it unified us against a common enemy, such as at the time of the Crusades.