New Market Again, Everywhere.

Yesterday was the one hundred and fifty third anniversary of the Battle of New Market. The battle was the key to keeping the Yankee invader out of the Shenandoah Valley, and a vastly outnumbered South needed every man and boy who could hold a rifle, literally.

Teenage cadets from the Virginia Military Institute were held in reserve, and sent into battle to contain a breakthrough in Southern lines. Contain it they did, and the Cadets repulsed the invader and won the battle, besides capturing an artillery position from the Union.  Ten Cadets died either in battle or as a result of wounds taken in the fighting. I strongly urge all ID readers to visit the site of the battle and the museums at VMI, if possible. If that isn’t possible, VMI has an excellent set of web resources available here.

Far more eloquent men have written of the battle and the young heroes who fell there than I, I urge you to seek them out, to learn the names of the cadets who died, to teach your sons to honor them. If you are an ID reader, you know in your bones that such is your Duty as a Southerner. Why bring up New Market then, if reminders of it are unnecessary?

Because there are battles to be fought, all over the South, just as pressing, just as desperate, that will require all available hands. Boys too young to shave, and old men who should be on their porch, sipping bourbon and playing with grandchildren. Nevertheless, Duty calls and all Southern men must answer, or find themselves a shame to their fathers, and scandal to their sons.

New Orleans and Charlottesville are but a prelude, to a more general push to destroy any and all public recognition of Southern Identity, Culture, Heroes and People.  The cultural Marxist head of Take ’em down NOLA, has already called for statutes honoring Jefferson and Washington to be removed. Plainly, our enemies will not rest until all white men everywhere are dispossessed of the lands of their fathers, buried in unmarked graves and forgotten to history. If our heroes are to be remembered, it is we who must do the remembering:

  • Samuel F. Atwill
  • Thomas G. Jefferson
  • William H. Cabell
  • Henry J. Jones
  • Charles G. Crockett
  • William H. McDowell
  • Alva C. Hartsfield
  • Beverly Stanard
  • Luther C. Haynes
  • Joseph C. Wheelwright
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Died on the Field of Honor

They did not grow old, did not have children, and would be forgotten if the Institute did not Honor it’s Fallen. Because the Institute and Her sons Remember, these brave boys are always remembered as they were at their best – young, handsome and brave.

The present battle requires the same of us. We must fight now, lest all traces of the White race, Western Civilization and the Christian Religion disappear from the face of the Earth. We do not have the luxury of sitting at the sidelines, and I cannot say that it will be safe, easy, or that you won’t fall in the fight. I can promise that if you do fall, we will remember you, and your name will join those brave boys from VMI as a name all good Southerners remember. Shoulder your arms, and march out. There’s a New Market for you to fight, wherever you are.


-By Dark Enlightenment