These Shoes Were Made for Shuckin’ and Jivin’

This morning, as is my ritual every morning, I got up from bed at 5:30 AM. I woke my son up and coaxed him from his slumber, told him to dress for school, and proceeded with the “Three S’s” (Shit, Shower, and Shave, for those unaware). Last but not least, I put on my work clothes, which includes coveralls and composite toe work boots.

After a quick breakfast I’m off to work, and on the way I drop my son off at his school. Five minutes later I’m stopped at a convenience store to get a cup of coffee for my drive. I do this more mornings than not, depending on how much time I have. Invariably, be it on my way to work, and certainly on my way home after a 9 hour day, when I stop at the convenience store to get a refreshment – I see aimless, underdressed, yet able bodied and youthful black “men” loitering around the place. And in recent years, I’ve noticed a new shoe fetish that these shiftless “men” sport on their feet. They’re called “Nike Slides.”

If you live near a heavily urbanized area you have seen them. I dare say they are becoming the shoe of choice for the young negro “man” (under the age of 40). Harking back to the house slipper commonly seen in the 1950’s (think of a father coming home after a long day at the office and sitting in his favorite chair, and his dutiful wife bringing him his slippers and his pipe), these shoes, if you can even call them shoes, offer no utility other than comfort.

The young negro “man” usually wears his Nike Slides with a pair of socks. I see no rhyme nor reason in the type of sock he wears. Sometimes they are white tube socks, sometimes they are black ankle socks. Less commonly he will have no socks on, but usually, he is wearing socks. Honestly, if the young negro “man” was not wearing socks with these shoes, I might suspect that he made a quick run to the convenience store for an urgent item – maybe he was busy making his family breakfast and needed some milk? After all, it is perfectly reasonable to slip on some house slippers to make a run to the store. The addition of socks to his attire signals to me that he wasn’t in a hurry, that his choice of dress was deliberate and measured.

I must point out again that I’m observing these “men” while I myself am dressed in the garb of a blue collar tradesman. These observations are made during working hours, when most able bodied white men are performing similar rituals. Be it coveralls or business casual for an office job, white men are observing the urban negro in his Nike Slides while dressed in attire that is suited for work.

Sugar Cane Denim, Lone Wolf Engineer Boots & Buzz Rickson's Loop-Wheeled Sweatshirts
No Nike Slides


Clothing has a function. Different garments are meant to be worn on different occasions. For instance, I own a few pairs of dress shoes. They are for weddings, funerals and formal occasions. I own a couple of sneakers too. They are for wearing to the gym, sports and casual weekend dress. I even own some flip-flops. They are for the beach, loafing around the house, and occasionally, for the early morning run to the convenience store to pick up a beverage when I’m cooking breakfast and realize I’m out of milk.

Utility is not the only function of clothing. We also use it to “signal” things about us that we wish others to see. We all do this. This is primarily the realm of the fashion conscious woman and the effeminate cosmopolitan male, but nevertheless, when I wear work boots to a friend’s house when he asks me to help him move furniture, I’m signaling that I’m prepared to do some work. A man who works on a ranch or who rides horses is signaling his lifestyle when he wears a cowboy hat and cowboy boots.

Two hundred years ago, when black men in America were owned as chattel slaves, their aristocratic white masters wore attire that we would find overly ornate, frilly, and useless today. Their britches were short with long stockings underneath. Their shirts were silk with lacy collars. Accented with bows, powdered wigs, and lightweight buckle adorned shoes, the white aristocrat of the turn of the 19th century dressed rather impractically – much like the young purposeless black “men” seen wearing Nike Slides. This, in itself, was a form of signaling – projecting their status through the fashion of the day.

These aristocrats lived rather charmed lives. They were often born into a life of privilege due to wealth inherited from land owning nobility in the “old country.” Most white men of this era were not of such high social class and dressed for more practical purposes. But it can’t be denied that there once was a time when black men were expected to wear work boots while white men had more leisure time for ornate dress.

I’d be remiss to pretend that I know the employment status of these black “men” who have such an affinity for house slippers during daylight hours. They may very well have a job. Perhaps they work part time at a Smoothie king and operate a blender. Is 30 too old to work in a part time retail job? Once upon a time it used to be. My how times have changed. But that would explain the leisure time spent loafing in house slippers on a Wednesday afternoon (I suppose). Maybe they only work weekends? I doubt they work at all.

To be fair, I do see a reasonable number of black men wearing work boots on weekdays. NAXALT applies here. There are also effeminate cosmopolitan white men who can be seen wearing ladylike shoes on weekdays – though I don’t see this nearly as often as the blacks in Nike Slides. Exceptions don’t negate general rules though. There is a noticeable trend here – a disturbing and shameful cultural phenomenon.

White working man, it is time to wake up! It is time to see with eyes wide open. Today, you are the chattel slave. The black man idles his way through life, while you wagecuck for the globalists who have turned the tables on you. Make no mistake, these black “men” are rubbing it in your face and the (((fashion designers))) who sell them their shoes are laughing at the thought of your enslavement.

Bureau of Labor Statistics employment-population ratio for blacks ages 16 to 24 at 44%


Black Unemployment Rate (January 2017) was Double White


I myself do not wish to be slave nor master. I work hard for my daily bread and would not be happy if my life were any other way. But I’ll be damned if I accept this topsy turvy clown world where the nation that my forefathers built is handed to lazy, worthless negro parasites.

This is yet another reason why we must retake everything!


  1. Hey Spencer R,
    Good piece. I agree that a man’s choice of footwear say a lot about him. Unless I am running, I do not wear tennis shoes in public. My idea of the perfect general purpose footwear is my pair of 10 inch Corcoran #1525 leather field boots, though I had a beloved pair of HH Tnaker boots many years. I finally ditched those worn out Tankers this Spring, and need to get another pair. For causal use, I often wear cowboy boots, but not the hat. .

    1. I agree. But at the same time, I wear work boots 40+ hours a week…I think we can all agree that by the end of the week, a working man has earned the right to wear whatever is comfortable. The proliferation of this house slipper shoe phenomenon among blacks is clearly not a case of a working man relaxing in comfortable shoes. It is a flippant “FU” to whitey.

      1. Yes, I have nothing against a man relaxing and wearing a comfortable shoe after a hard day’s work. I do ahve a pair of house shoes.