Another Left Wing Failure in NOLA

“The Battle of New Orleans” was not so much a real battle; rather it was an opportunity for Antifa and their motley assortment of basic-bitch White liberals, pet non-whites, and sexual deviants to throw a tantrum. Keep in mind that these are the people who claim to be collecting “nazi scalps,” which in the days leading up to “The Battle of New Orleans” amounted to terrorizing elderly and disabled Southern heritage activists. However, after numerous threats of violence given from behind the safety of their computer screens, when confronted by young to middle-aged men wearing protective equipment and brandishing flag poles, these nazi-hunters couldn’t muster anything stronger than some shrieks about smashing white supremacy and some crudely worded sexual references.

This is one interesting thing that we noticed during the “confrontation” with antifa in NOLA. Their basic platform was to hysterically shriek platitudes, such as “diversity is our greatest strength” and “you’re all immigrants too.” When shut down through either the application of reason or just pure intimidation, however, they resort to making disgusting and base sexual references about the dissenter being a closet homosexual who wishes to engage in depraved sexual acts with the antifa, or, failing that, holding up middle fingers and screaming “fuck you, maaan” over and over again. These are clearly broken people; the lowest of the low. Their entire existences revolve around perverted, sexual dysfunctions as well as the anger and wanton desire for destruction possessed by those who simply aren’t intelligent enough to understand how the world around them really operates. The anger and spitefulness of spoiled and slightly dim-witted children in other words.


To us the biggest let-down of this whole event was antifa’s unwillingness to scrap. These degenerates outnumbered us, in their own words, 10 to 1. That sounds like pretty decent odds. It seems that when they’re not dealing with the elderly and infirmed and are unable to remain anonymous they tend to just lose their spine. It’s difficult to even count how many times some antifa got riled up and threatened violence in a “hold me back, bro” kind of way, or told our guys to come to them. Newsflash for any antifas reading this: the police and numbers were on your side, faggot. Try not being such a weak-kneed bitch next time, and cut the “hold me back, bro” nonsense. It is pathetic and makes you look even more childish and freakish than you already do. 2/10, antifa; try harder next time, faggots.

Outside of antifa’s lackluster showing, there wasn’t much going on. The idiots were four hours late to their own protest, so much of our time was spent engaging locals. Many were very thankful for us to be there, but when queried as to why they weren’t standing with us would generally just shrug. This is unfortunate, but it really shows how broken the spirit of many white men is. One local confided that he was totally against the monuments being taken down, but he had moved out of the city because of all the blacks. “The blacks run this city now,” he said. We must engage our people and reawaken their desire to fight before it is too late. Outside of supporters, we had the occasional heckler. They would all quickly vacate the area when it was inevitably revealed that they were Jewish. Besides the organized protest, I do not believe that there was a single instance of a black heckler. Frankly, when the blacks are not whipped up into a frenzy by their Jewish and communist masters, they really don’t seem to care all that much.

One important note: in case anyone hasn’t heard, the Alt-light were basically our enemies in NOLA. You can read an extremely detailed assessment here. To summarize quickly, a half-Jew, Californian urbanite who was dressed up as a Roman and a cuck on a bicycle started a scuffle with a couple of our guys.  I don’t want to condemn them all, because there honestly were a couple of brave alt-lighters who stood with us once the leftists arrived. The great majority of them (the Oathcucks and the Alt-light), however, crowded up together near the top of the monument and didn’t engage the leftists at all. Most of them counter signaled the monument and the nationalists when interviewed. I’m not really sure why they even bothered to show up, unless it was simply to LARP as superheroes in tin foil costumes or to look operator as fuck and show off their super cool tactical gear- not limited to, but including: Crye plate carriers, thousand dollar Ops-Core helmets with Peltors attached, empty P-mags in their mag pouches, Mystery Ranch packs, and dump pouches on their belts. Really can’t be too prepared! We damn near thought that the 75th Ranger Regiment was there to help out. In the end though, it was just a few good, nationalist men who took the fight to the Antifa and other leftists while our “allies” stood around with thumbs firmly planted up their asses.

Oath Keepers Current Year


Overall, it was a great event. It was an awesome time of fellowship between a wide variety of nationalist groups, including, but not limited to: the League of the South, Identity Dixie, and Vanguard America. We wish more nationalists could have attended, but hopefully things won’t be so short notice next time. If you are in the vicinity of one of these events in the future, then please consider coming out. We need the support and numbers; and it is a great opportunity to network and build camaraderie. It will also give you a real life glimpse at the foot soldiers of the system arrayed against us. If that doesn’t arouse your hate; then I don’t know what will.


  1. Nice write up. Thanks to you, Spencer, and all our goys that showed up to fight for our people! Gas the Scallywags, Dixian Republic Now!

  2. Unfortunately, there are many, in the northern realms of the Confederacy who simply cannot make such a journey – otherwise y’all would have had many more numbers.

    It’s not unlike the 1860s – we need several armies just to cover all the distance.

    I’m sorry to hear about the 3%ers, because, if they found reasons to skate, what was the point, in the first place?

    That said, I have found with them that, as much as we may have in common with them, there is one insuperable divide – they believe Yankee-Doodle-Dandy is good, and wish to protect it, while we are finisht with Doodle..

    They are absolutely not interested in the notion of White Southern survival, but, in fighting for the proposition ideas. In fact, many of these groups make you disavow any kind of racism, if you want to join them,

    As to being outnumbered : we know that wars usually are won by logistical numbers, though, many battles are not, the latter oft being decided by grit, timing, landscape, and determination.

    As a veteran and a Tarheel Confederate I am proud to be associated with all y’all, because y’all ain’t flimsey.

  3. Good report, and true! We had enemies before us and potential enemies at our backs and were virtually unarmed (no firearms) and heavily outnumbered. This allowed us to separate the true nationalist men from the “patriot” boys. I was proud of all our LS men and those who stood with us at the barricades.–Michael Hill

  4. My problem with the Alt Right is that like the ANTIFA, many of them are also atheist. This being so, they lacked the protection and resolve that many of us Southern Nationalists had in the face of 10 to one numbers. As “True” Israelites, we know that we don’t need superior numbers!

  5. Glad that all the Confederate heritage guys had a safe experience in New Orleans. Some articles I read portray antifas as really dangerous, and others (like this one) as weak pervs. Oathkeepers will never stand with LOS, or any White Nationalists. As I recall, Oathkeeprs even pansied out on the other patriots back at the Bundy standoff in Neveda in 2014. Apparently, someone forgot to tell them that the Founders that they (allegedly) revere were white males, many of whom owned slaves…

    1. Well…they are both really. Let them be masked up with an extremely hostile police (such as in Berkley) and they’ll do their best to make cowardly attacks and disappear back into the black bloc. Once unmasked, they really lose all of their power. They are truly disgusting and perverted people as well. Drug use and sexual perversions are commonplace. I’m not just playing that up for the sake of the article.