An Alt-South Treaty Proposal

As the Antifa menace grows, we are faced with a major dilemma:

We want to be able to work together with other white nationalist groups to defend against a common enemy that is well funded by a certain tribe and who have no trouble uniting against us. They are well known to bus in crazy ass degenerate freaks activists (probably including some paid activists) from far away to get a large turnout for their operations. This is not just an image issue from being outnumbered in photographs, but a personal safety issue as well. We can take it for certain that Antifa will resort to greater acts of violence than they have done already. They have begun training with guns, so this is definitely not a joke.

One possible solution regarding at least some of the groups we may work with is the negotiation of formal treaties with these other groups where they cede all claims to the South to Southern Nationalists. Perhaps the alliance could be called the North American White Nationalist Alliance (NAWNA) or the North American Alliance of European Diasporas (NAAED) or the Association of European Derived Nations of North America (AEDNNA) or maybe somebody can come up with something better.

Such a treaty(s) would probably include some kind of reciprocity from us to recognize the sovereignty of other groups and their territorial claims. Such a treaty could:

  • Formally end competition for the same base of Southern white people between Southern Nationalists and other white nationalist groups that sign.
  • Be a giant step toward having our own sovereignty recognized by the international community.
  • Help create strategic cracks in the current empire.
  • Begin to position us as a government in waiting (which is the best propaganda tool we could ever hope for).

If Third Reich enthusiasts or other non SN groups get bussed in to help face a bussed in Antifa at a Southern city like Pikeville, New Orleans, Auburn, or wherever, they will be our guests and will not be seen as undesired ideological camps competing for the same turf or the same people. Likewise Southern Nationalists might assist non SN groups outside the South if the need arises. It should be very simple and straightforward to work together then leave with a handshake and being seen or photographed together would become good PR.

The drawback to this proposal is that we would at first glance be simply trading one can of worms for another. The negotiation of such a treaty would require some serious thinking and would probably involve some kind of agreement on a border for Dixie. But the future border of Dixie would be a question that has to be answered at some point in the future anyway, so we would really just be moving the Border Question from the distant future to the near future. I admit, I’d like to let the Border Question be one of the last questions we worry about and until now that was what I considered the best strategy in hopes that it would just fall wherever it wants to with minimal dispute, but if we are willing to face it sooner then we can forge ahead with a newfound strength as we draw from each others’ numbers and with the confidence of having the border agreement behind us.

When I described the advantage of fracturing the empire multiple ways, similar to the Soviet breakup, I failed to mention the advantage that the European nations had that we don’t: Those tiny countries had clear historical border claims where ours is not so clear. In the case of regions outside the South, those border claims are even less clear or nonexistent, so it definitely behooves us to proactively begin border negotiations at some point even though it may elicit hair pulling and teeth gnashing at first. Ideally our future borders would fall along the ethnic lines of the various native  white peoples, so I would be inclined to let that trump a historical CSA claim if the two are in conflict. For instance I would think twice about ruling out some counties in southern Ohio or Indiana without close inspection. I cannot say at this point where our ethnic border to the west may fall, perhaps somewhere in Texas, or perhaps the Pacific shore, but if we are game to discuss territorial boundaries with other white groups and form treaties accordingly then we will be a giant leap closer to our vision of a sovereign white ethnostate in Dixie.

If our immediate neighboring groups/regions are not yet ready to negotiate then we could always start with the more distant neighbor, Cascadia, with whom we probably won’t be sharing a border, and work from there. This is significant. With a proper and widely publicized treaty between Dixie and Cascadia, we would:

  • Create the second (after Dixie, and hopefully followed by several more) cracks in the empire.
  • Set the ball in motion for other potential white allies to follow suit
  • Send a shockwave of winning (and some ideological realignment among those that deny SN) through the altright and shiver of fear to our enemies.

If we initiate, then we get to take the first mover advantage, so it would be foolish to wait for other groups to come to us with a proposal. For what it’s worth Cajuns have already declared the borders of Acadiana, so the door would be wide open for a treaty with them also should they decide to seek Acadian sovereignty.

It is also possible that some creative thinkers may be able to negotiate the proper treaties while still avoiding the Border Question for the time being. Be my guest. But it will still have to be tackled at some point so it may be best to just bite the bullet sooner rather than later. Additionally, this strategy does not interfere with the A team/B team strategy described a few days ago by another writer so there is no reason not to do both. Either way, we are the champions of white racial identity in the global West and that bestows us with both the opportunity and the responsibility of leading the way, including the creation of our first international treaties.


  1. A few of us in the South have been talking about this. Preserving our specific Southern character is important, but so is being a good neighbor. We, regardless of Southern or Cascadian, Christian or Pagan, Russian or Welsh, are all seen as only WHITE by racial outsiders. It does behoove us to work together. Remember, we are all of the same racial family, and are a targeted minority in this world.

    Glad someone put this to words. Agree completely.

  2. As far as I know there are no big WN groups or regional nationalist groups here in Colorado so your clear to take us if you want to.