Standing on Hallowed Ground

Sunday, May 7th, billed as the “Battle of New Orleans,” this had the makings of an epic clash between Antifa and /our guys/ in the Southern Nationalist movement. League of the South showed up in full force to protect the monument to General Robert E. Lee, along with a contingent of Anti-Communist Action and some left-coast Alt-Lite types.

Hunter Wallace from Occidental Dissent and the Alt-Lite Twitter personality “Baked Alaska” provided live streams around Lee Circle, and a parade of “Take Em Down Nola” leftist agitators (overwhelmingly white) marched toward the confrontation. Boots on the ground informed me that they were outnumbered 10:1 and traitorous New Orleans police offered no sympathy to pro-monument demonstrators.

In fact, at the last minute, the New Brazil – errr I mean New Orleans chief of police put out a statement that anyone wearing a mask or found carrying a weapon would be arrested. Those brave gender fluid heroin addicts who call themselves “Antifa” must get their Nazi fighting superpowers from their masks. Without them, they are exposed as the sniveling cowards they really are.

The Battle of New Orleans turned out to be not much more than a shouting match between triggered cat ladies standing around with their black bulls and beta orbiting cucks, and our guys holding their ground in black and khaki. I heard a lot of references to the Virginia battle flag being “problematic,” and the monuments being “white supremacist hate symbols” from the other side of the barricade. I also witnessed a lot of “na-na-na-na” shrieks with hands firmly cupped over leftist tender ears when our guys affirmed that they were there to stand up for the white race.

Cucked Alask….I mean, Baked Alaska interviewed some of our guys as well as the leftist opposition. I’ll give credit where credit is due. He heckled and triggered the cat ladies and called out the cowards in the crowd. Evidently his Jewdar was properly tuned, because he found some neurotic shekel clutchers to challenge on their anti-white positions. One truly pathetic beta presenting fellow meandered up to Baked Alaska and professed his righteous center-left indignation, claimed he was anti-Zionist, said America was never great, and when told how easy it is to immigrate to Mexico, he stated that he felt like he could help make it great by sticking around. I’m pretty sure this guy falls asleep at night dreaming of a mud-brown world where he gets to see every white woman he knows providing their wombs for that purpose. I called this guy “Carl The Cuck Part 2.”

Carl the Cuck Part Two

Truly, from what I witnessed on Hunter Wallace’s live feed, the most significant tension occurred between our League of the South guys and some of the “Based Stick Man” contingency from California. They stood back away from the front lines of the crowd in an aloof posture, and were overheard complaining about the “two hate groups” engaging in racially charged banter. When will these guys learn that countersignaling the guys who have the courage to confront the commies with good arguments and reasoned rhetoric is counter-productive? Hopefully Fash the Nation will return soon and provide more in-depth analysis of the “Overton Window” for their benefit. I’m not sure they’re smart enough to get it but just because you can’t make the horse drink, it doesn’t mean you don’t lead them to the water.

All in all, The Battle of New Orleans turned out to be not particularly notable. Nevertheless, our guys made a valuable statement of solidarity today, and Antifa showed their true cowardly natures. The war will be won with small moral victories. Just one more step toward Taking Everything Back.


  1. I thank all who went out to perform rather thankless, and potentially harmful, this duty.

    Fortunately, The Left is largely composed of unmartial chicken-shits who, without a vestige of The Holy Ghost in them, are rightfully scared of us.

    Thank you for the report, as well!