The Law of Averages 

Very often, I get my inspiration to write an article after “effortposting” in response to a social media comment or meme. Often I feel compelled to address multiple outrageous posts – such is life when you’re a White Nationalist autiste. Identity Dixie is a Southern Nationalist identitarian organization of Alt-Right activists. We try to provide content that is specific to our mission, but there are many issues that pertain to the Alt-Right movement as a whole and these social media posts often contain themes relevant to the broader message of the Alt-Right.

Just today I read a comment that essentially went like this: “Stop equating a person’s skin color to homosexuality. A person doesn’t get to choose the color of skin they are born with.” Holy Sweet Jesus, can a meme be more cliché?

Ok, people don’t get to choose their skin color and I can accept that homosexual impulses (as opposed to acts) are not choices. So forget this trope. It is meaningless twaddle that harkens back to the argumentation of 19th and 20th century. In the “Current Year” we have the science of genetics and a clearer understanding of human evolution. If you’re still making arguments about superficial characteristics like skin color, you clearly do not comprehend the biological forces behind tribal identity.

But underneath this archaic and ostensible argument lies a irrefutable truth. We may not have the ability to choose our own skin color, but we do have the ability to choose the skin color of our offspring, and more importantly, their DNA. A person who hasn’t fallen for the foolishness of hyper-individualism instinctively understands this, and trusts the incredible acuteness of the human senses to discern the suitability of a mating partner. After all, the sum total of cues that our eyes, ears, and nose collect about another person are the data points we were naturally programmed to perceive, process, and act upon. Why would we ignore skin color, hair texture, skull shape, nose width, and a myriad of other details, when they are objective and remarkably reliable indicators of a person’s genetic character?

A healthy society is comprised of individuals who form bonds of trust that build the institutions of cooperation which maintain and strengthen the social order. The individual knows that he/she must defer to the cohesiveness of the community when selfish desires put the social order at risk. It has clearly been proven that multiculturalism weakens a civilization’s fabric. Therefore, it is our duty to posterity to be discriminating about the genetic legacy that our children inherit.

The (((media))) has waged a ruthless war on multiple fronts to encourage the lemmings among us to miscegenate. Tropes like “a person can’t choose their own skin color” are meant to obfuscate well understood truths about family and tribe that have guided people for thousands of years. Those words are just another weapon of guilt meant to burden the white race and encourage us to commit genetic suicide.

“But why destroy the white race? What is (((their))) motive? Why should I care about white genetics? Am I to believe that being white is superior”?

These are the questions that inevitably will be asked and there will invariably be claims that whites deserve genocide. In fact, another social media post that inspired this article went something like this: “Blacks are genetically superior to whites so get over it.” The implication being that brown people, specifically negroes, are displacing whites because of some imagined Darwinian survival strategy where they are the fittest. When whites governed Rhodesia it was the “Breadbasket of Africa,” now that negroes control the country, it has to import food and its people are starving.

Image result for Racial IQ
Racial IQ

Regarding the post, I did attempt to provide facts to contradict this unfounded claim, and eventually got the predictable “blacks are better athletes” meme. This can easily be dismissed when you consider that athleticism is measured with multiple metrics and dimensions. Blacks may be faster and more agile on average, but the strongest deadlifters in the world are often of Nordic stock. A black might make a better tailback in football, but a white man typically has better mental acuity and hand-eye dexterity for positions like quarterback. Basketball is a black dominated sport, but tennis, much like the quarterback, is a sport typically better suited for whites.

At any rate, even if you grant this talking point to someone in a debate, the discussion will eventually lead to White superiority in IQ, and then Asian IQ superiority over Whites will be mentioned, and that ultimately will lead to my next point – White people are the most successful race, and arguably the most superior race, because we prove to be on average the race that possesses the most superior qualities. In my social media post today I made this observation, and got an expected “LOL” reply. “Hahaha white people are superior because they are average. Hahaha.”

Now, I’m no science guy expert like Bill Nye (who has a BA in engineering by the way), but I’ve studied these issues enough to speak intelligently on the subject. Since all the so-called experts are afraid to speak the truth, and instead would rather promote snake-oil salesmen Bill Nye bullshit, I’m left with no choice if truth still means anything at all. So I think it’s prudent to investigate the law of averages when it comes to human genetics. A better understanding of this crucial phenomenon is imperative if we are to save the White race from extinction and put these dead end, suicidal, 19th century arguments about skin color superficiality to rest.

Here is a link to get us started.

This study goes into gender dimorphism and how masculine and feminine traits determine opposite sexual attractiveness. But it also confirms how important symmetry and averageness are statistically speaking in mate selection. There is much more material available online for this subject. I encourage you to do your own reading.

The inescapable conclusion that we come to is that averageness is an intrinsic aspect of mate selection. That peculiarity is not only true of facial dimensions and qualities, but lends itself to body shape, height, weight, hair color, and hundreds of other physical variables. But the point of this article is not to demonstrate the factors that go into mate selection. We need to articulate how these superficial traits, as well as less tangible traits, summate into a broader picture of human diversity and in doing so, separate the White race from all the others.

Back to attractiveness for a moment. A knee jerk reply would be to cite an example of world famous attractiveness, a woman such as Taylor Swift, or a man such as David Beckham, and say “there’s nothing average about these two!” But that is exactly the point. In their averageness, they become the superior. Let me explain.

Taylor Swift doesn’t have large lips, nor are they razor thin. Her nose isn’t large, nor are her ears – but, they aren’t freakishly tiny either. Her body is symmetrical. She’s not unhealthily skinny, nor is she obese. Her hair isn’t so thick that it’s unmanageable, but it’s not thin and brittle either. Her complexion is smooth without blemishes. Similar observations could be made about Beckham.

People aren’t attracted to extremes, so we have evolved to have discerning senses that pick up on physical cues about race, health and fertility. Sometimes a quality, such as height, can contradict this general rule of averages. A man of average height will not have the same success as a taller man. But even that has limits. An abnormally tall man (for argument, let’s assume taller than 6’5″) might have fewer sexual options than a man who is 6’2″. This is because a woman of average female height at around 5’5″ might be feel a little uncomfortable with his tall, outlier height. Certainly he will have no problem partnering with taller women, but because height distribution is a bell curve phenomenon, his tall woman options will be a fraction of the more average sized women who prefer the 6’2″ guy.

But take this a step further. Let’s say the extraordinarily tall guy is attractive enough to get a lot of female attention. His height will be an advantage over a more plain looking 6’2 guy. This is where we start summing the array of traits into the whole being. If he’s tall and good looking, but lazy, socially inept, clumsy, lacking confidence, and displays an ill temper, his other advantages won’t be enough. This sort of manifests itself in an organic averageness.

That phenomenon can be further applied to competition between races. It is true that Asians on average have higher IQs than Whites. Blacks have lower IQs than both. Asians are of shorter stature than Whites and, blacks are marginally taller. White men possess the highest levels of creativity and ingenuity of all the races and demonstrate excellent problem solving skills. Within our race, Whites have the greatest level of diversity of eye color, hair colors and skin tone. Our culture evolved alongside our genetic character to value honor, charity, leadership, and a host of other virtues that aren’t as prevalent (or even exist) in other cultures.

But taken as a whole, the overall character of the White race rarely has deficits. Our physical attributes are never at the bottom of the heap, nor our intellectual traits. In almost every category we are either “good enough” or we excel. That is, the average of our race compared to the average of other races always follows this pattern.

In real terms, this translates into holding our own on the field of battle in a physical confrontation. It means we compete at the highest levels when challenged with advancing science and technology. Our civilization is the mecca of freedom that the rest of the world covets. We create music, literature, architecture, and aesthetics which stand the test of time.

Because other races have deficits, their civilizations have lagged behind Western Civilization (a White created and maintained civilization). They have piggybacked our technical achievements. They have mimicked our legal frameworks. When we’ve built infrastructure for them and left that which we built to their people’s own devices, everything has crumbled in the vacuum.

Image result for Rhodesia vs. Zimbabwe
Rhodesia vs. Zimbabwe

Understanding these truths is critical to understanding why, as I posed at the beginning of this essay, that the rest of the world wants to destroy the White race. In a marketplace, if you can’t surpass your competition, or at least hold your own, what better way than to destroy them, to delegitimize them. This is what the Jews have done since time immemorial. Perhaps the Jews are the smartest ethnic group of all. Their average IQ even surpasses the Asian man. But Jews are weak in almost every other category of human virtue. They do not build civilizations. They destroy them. They manipulate and enlist other races to gang up on the dominant one, because that is their survival strategy. Always instigating revolutions and tearing down the established order.

It is time for us, the white men of the west, to rise with the fire and Retake Everything – everything that our forefathers built, for our birthright and for our posterity.


  1. You are correct that race is so much deeper than mere skin color. When a multicult advocate uses the whole “skin color” argument, one can be sure that they are either unstudied, or feeding you a total red herring.

  2. ‘“But why destroy the white race? What is (((their))) motive? ‘

    Instead of providing the normal list of suspects, and suspect motives, I will say this : we live in a time that, having developet from several centuries ago, has, more and more, been guided by one thought?

    Why do I have to deal with that?

    And we see this thinking in ways that have nothing to do with race – such as those who eat out all the time, and or microwave frozen dinners, – their central premise being : how can I eat without having to put up with having to cook?

    Things like – ‘How can I get sexually gratified without having to get weighed down with dealing with a person.

    I like to think of this period in time as ‘Exemptalithic’, this being that we our essential impulse seem to be the desire to be exempted from anything that is not strictly our own desires to run unimpeded.

    In fact, you might accuse many people, during this day and time, or hardly being willing to do those things which will improve their own individual well-being, much less that of a race.