The Logical Conclusion to “Muh Sexual Racism” – Gibs Me Dat

Sometimes I read something online that, quite frankly, leaves me disgusted and seething with a rage that is tempered only by virtue of my respectable Southern upbringing. I read such a thing yesterday; putrid filth that isn’t even worthy of the web traffic that a link would provide. So, you’ll just have to take my word for it that such an article exists and Google it for yourself. By the way, taken alone the article in question wouldn’t be notable. But in the past year I have seen two other pieces expressing similar propositions and that constitutes a trend of thought that I’m compelled to address.

You know, before I get to the meat of this article, let me address a crucial point. There was a time in our world, an infinitely more sane and rational (yet fleeting) time, when the word “racist” meant something reasonable. I was not a “White Nationalist” then and had no inclinations to be one. I have become obliged, or rather, forced, the last few years to adopt beliefs that otherwise would be bitter pills for me to digest. Make no mistake. I’ve been pressured into these positions, as has anyone that’s moved to the Alt-Right. Egalitarians had, at one time, sold me on their tripe. At the very least, they had sold me on the virtue of going along to get along and accepting multiculturalism as an inevitable fact of life.

Congratulations are in order for the (((Social Justice Cultural Marxist Warriors!))) You have overplayed your hand and created a lifelong enemy. I’m not alone. Each and every day that you shove your vile noxious excrement in our faces, our numbers grow. (((They))) really can’t help themselves at this point.

The article in question that has provoked my indignation came through my social media newsfeed. It proclaimed, I kid you not, that white female prostitutes and paid escorts who advertise on sites such as “Craig’s List” are abhorrently racist because many of them are so shamefully bold as to request that their clientele also be white, or at the very least not black. The author also insisted that terms like “gentlemen only” are racist dogwhistles meant to overtly cloak their bigotry. Everything else in the article was unadulterated nonsense meant to support this position. It is worth noting here that the author is most certainly a butthurt black man who covets white women, likely at the expense of his own kind, and is in that way a “self hating bigot” himself.

Reading this article triggered a memory of another equally ludicrous piece I read about a year ago. In a similar vein, many white women in the pornographic film industry were being accused of “sexual racism” because of their refusal to perform sex scenes with black men. I was particularly disturbed by this piece, which offered essentially the same twaddle-filled rationale as the other, because it appeared to be written by a white female porn star who felt no repulsion to interracial sex, and who supported her claptrap with interviews from other porn stars. This woman had taken it upon herself to pressure and guilt trip more white women, likely as an agent of her (((producers))) into surrendering their bodies completely and without abandon – potentially destroying what little dignity and self worth that these impressionable (and broken) women have left.

A third article that I recently read similarly accused white women on dating sites of being racist for the same inane justifications as the other articles. More of the same blathering idiocy.

In Alt-Right circles we have a tendency, probably carried over from our days spent bantering in Libertarian discussion groups, to talk of “going down the rabbit hole.” This is the act of taking an idea to its “logical conclusion.” Lines of reasoning invariably have consequences, sometimes devastating. This absolutist example of egalitarian ideology is in fact such a case.

Ergo, many of us have rejected Libertarianism for this very reason. Libertarians often boil all human interaction down to business transactions – i.e., free market trade, even when it results in the rejection of individual choice. This antiseptic attitude toward human behavior has poisoned the neo-liberal and libertarian movements beyond repair. Think about it. If you see the human body as nothing more than the sum total of its biological functions, and if you believe that a Christian owned pastry shop should be legally compelled to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, it isn’t a huge leap to also insist that people should be morally and socially (and perhaps legally) compelled to have sex with anyone and everyone who demands it of you. This is the route the insane Left and other hedonistic political philosophies are marching down.

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Sexual Racism Madness

The illogical “fears” of racism and the zealot inquisitors that ferret out any unapproved “badthink” regarding it is spreading all over the (previously) civilized world. Social media discussion groups, for example, are a sociologists wet dream. Dare ye, oh foolish bigot, to violate the sensitivities of these zealots by even suggesting that racism is a natural behavior that serves a purpose, especially on Facebook, and you will be reported, banned, and often find yourself in the bad graces of (((Zuckerberg’s))) minions.


It’s a perplexing Twilight Zone that we have found ourselves in. Traditionally, liberals and philosophically libertine people vehemently defended the rights of the individual. Central to that belief, at least prior to the 1960s, was the idea of freedom of association. As I stated earlier, up until relatively recently, I had accepted that freedom of association wasn’t an absolute right. I had internalized the idea that it was better to “go along to get along” with people of all persuasions. There was no harm in trying to view people as individuals, instead of groups or tribes. But, it has become all too clear that this social ideology is the worst form of cancer to ever plague mankind.

Indeed, the egalitarian Left drew a straight, but White Nationalism holds a royal flush in our hands and it’s just a matter of time before we cash in our chips. You can only fight reality and human nature for so long.

You see, the Left has inadvertently uncovered the truth about racism. As they trot out ever more insane sophistry to push their corrupt gospel upon the masses, more and more people will awaken from their slumber.

Racism is simply a natural preference or affinity for people who possess DNA that is as similar as possible without being incestuous. Many ethnic Syrians possess “Aryan” European genetics and as such it is reasonable that a Syrian might wish to breed with a Greek or a Turk. Likewise it is perfectly reasonable that Greeks would have an affinity for Italians, and Italians might be inclined to be attracted to Spaniards. Eventually, however, the genetic contrast becomes too great for most people (except degenerates). A full blooded Englishmen is simply too altogether dissimilar from a full blooded Somalian for the natural attraction to exist, at least in most cases.

This is as perfectly natural, instinctive and biological function – such as breathing, eating, and sleeping. Forced multiculturalism weakens our instincts, perhaps, but rarely are weakened instincts a good thing. One would not wish to have a dampened instinct to eat, nor would one want reflexes such as breathing or sleeping to be disrupted by artificial forces. Our sexual choices, which also tend to manifest in our overall social behaviors, are built into our biology every bit as much as other instinctive characteristics.

This rabbit hole concept of sexual racism ultimately has no end to its madness. Mark my words, it won’t be long before homosexuals start complaining that heterosexuals aren’t engaging in gay sex, and therefore they must be homophobic bigots. See what I mean about rabbit holes?

Where does it end? Does anyone actually believe that “conservatism” in its current form will prevent these ideas from becoming more mainstream? It would seem that nobody of sound mind and spirit would give credence to the idea that your own personal preference in sexual partners should make you a “racist.” At least, I hope to God that isn’t the case. But as we march toward the abyss, I find that nothing shocks me much anymore.

The root cause of all of this rubbish can be traced to the Civil Rights movements and the sexual “liberation” of the 1960s. (I see nothing liberating about being socially pressured or manipulated into giving up my right of association or my right to be discriminating with sexual partners based on my own personal and biological criteria). The introduction of “The Pill” exacerbated this slide down the slippery slope of insanity.

Today, people have emotionally disconnected from the idea that sex is an act of intimacy with a life partner based on the desire to have a family. The purpose of reproduction has been all but dismissed by deranged leftists – and bearing children evermore reduced to an unwanted burden. It is no wonder that a black man can unabashedly hand wring about “muh dick” and “gibs me dat white pussy” (please excuse the vulgarity). That’s all anyone on the Left expects from him, and he feels entitled to the satisfaction of his most carnal desires without regard to the rights of others who would stand in his way.

As I said – none of this is surprising. And the antidote is clear. The Left has become an authoritarian nightmare. It has shed all pretenses that it cares about liberty. It took a long time for Marxism to sink its claws into the American culture, but it has a tight grasp and is squeezing more tightly than ever before.

But take heart that there is an awakening afoot.

White Nationalism today has borne itself from the same cultural rot that Germany and Spain experienced in the early part of the last century. The Center Cannot Hold. The time draws near when these (((tumors))) will be removed from the host and civilization becomes healthy again. Given the choice between two authoritarian systems, I choose nationalism and hear this loud and clear: that is the choice we soon will be making. Stand up white man. The day in which we Retake Everything draws nigh.


  1. I haven’t been seriously pressured yet but if it happens to me I’ve made up my mind to just say “I’m an anglosexual. I was born this way and cannot change. Please be tolerant of my sexuality or I’m going to sue you for harassment.”

  2. ‘There was a time in our world, an infinitely more sane and rational (yet fleeting) time, when the word “racist” meant something reasonable. I was not a “White Nationalist” then and had no inclinations to be one. I have become obliged, or rather, forced, the last few years to adopt beliefs that otherwise would be bitter pills for me to digest. Make no mistake. I’ve been pressured into these positions, as has anyone that’s moved to the Alt-Right. Egalitarians had, at one time, sold me on their tripe. ‘

    There ain’t nothin’ wrong in wanting to treat a man fair, irrespective of his colour, but, you can still have racial White Supremacist views and do that.

    I would know : I live in the old negro-dominated plantation belt of Nowheresville, Northeastern, North Carolina, and I do it all the time.

    In fact, here, we almost all are this way, in these here parts, and almost always manage to be fair and civil, all the time.

  3. Nice piece Spencer R. I too was a libertarian type about four years ago, but gradually left it because of libertarianism’s blind spot on the JQ and promotion of open borders and multiculturalism. Libertarian thought taken to its “logical” conclusion does result in degeneracy and madness, as you aptly demonstrated in this essay. (On a side note, I have never had a Negress flirt with me, but a Hispanic has tried).
    I just posted a blog piece that I bet you will like. I know we had talked about me potentially submitting articles to Identity Dixie; if you like my recent piece feel free to reblog it or publish it on your site also.

    1. Libertarianism, in this time in history, Mr. Putnam, seems to be, for many, a hitching post from Liberalism to Nationalism.

      Some make that journey in several years – others over several decades, and, as you imply, Libertarianism is the greatest possible defence for the individual, in the abstract sense, while offering nothing to protect the individual from the ravages of a community which, in lieu of any communal sense, has adopted a completely libertarian one.

      We are, for all intents and purposes, living in remarkably libertarian times, and yet, the imbalances of that are extraordinarily evident; or, at least, if you have lived more than a couple of generations, and can remember witnessing a time when it was NOT this way.

      1. Thanks for passing it along. I was actually referring to the NRA piece. I suppose that the Amerikaner-Alt-South-Kinism piece is wider than Southern Nationalist. I view the Amerikaner concept as basically “Greater Dixie” , that is Dixie plus rural areas of the Midwest and west that would rather be with Dixie than New England.