What is Southern Fascism?

Southern Fascism is showing up with your legally armed and regulated militia to protest the proposed building of a mosque in your town, succeeding in shutting the muslim colonizers down, and later that night enjoying your victory around a bonfire. Southern Fascism is walking into an invader owned store just to tell them to get the hell out of your state, and then driving the extra miles to support your fellow White man, thanking him for his service each and every time you frequent his business. Southern Fascism is denying the charities for Haiti and North Africa, in order to donate to your own folk when they need a helping hand.

Southern Fascism is stonewalling the pompous blacks in the gym, and seconds later shaking a White elder’s hand, smiling warmly and always referring to him as, “Sir.” Southern Fascism is lifting heavy in the morning and pickin’ and grinnin’ at night. Southern Fascism is walking through a crowd of invaders in a parking lot, forcing them out of your way, and then stopping to help an older White lady load groceries into her sedan. Southern Fascism is holding the door for your own, and only your own.

Southern Fascism is pissing on Abraham Lincoln’s grave, and then defending the Robert E. Lee statue from being torn down. Southern Fascism is shooting holes in the, “I’m with Her” signs, driving across town, and shooting holes in the Trump signs too.

Southern Fascism is pulling into the largest White Nationalist meeting held in 15 years, riding in a giant White truck proclaiming, “UNRECONSTRUCTED” in large White letters on the back window, the bed filled with proud White Southerners, the Stars & Bars flying high.

Southern Fascism is laughing at the mexican walking down the side of the road, and then pulling right over to tow your fellow White man out of that damn Georgia red. Southern Fascism is shaming wiggers and never embracing an alien, no matter how, “based” they look in their “Rebel” hat.

Southern Fascism is waking up early to wet a line, but arriving promptly at 11:00 a.m. to take your Granny for brunch at her favorite buffet. Southern Fascism is baked chicken and hot sauce, green beans and yams, NO potato salad, NO cobbler. Southern Fascism is iced tea, NO sugar.

Southern Fascism is naming the JEW, and calling the state of Israel what they are: a den of vipers. Southern Fascism is going to a church where your scholarly and righteous pastor preaches both sides of God’s true nature, and does so with a loaded 9mm under his vest. Southern Fascism is disciplining your children when they err, and blessing them when they make you proud.

Southern Fascism is correctly judging when a dog must be put down and not hesitating to do so, but weeping the loss of a loyal friend later. Southern Fascism is making “Jack Hinson did nothing wrong” memes and always referring to the “War of Northern Aggression” by this only acceptable title.

Southern Fascism is courteously explaining exactly what you love and support, and everything you stand for, with NO compromise and NO apology. Southern Fascism is joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans and refusing to disrespect your forefathers that bled for their people and this land by flying that damn federal flag over their graves.

Southern Fascism is being the only man to loudly protest White dispossession in your city council meeting, while everyone else insists upon sitting there “politely.” Southern Fascism is waiting patiently when arguing with an urbanite, only to better prove them wrong when they falter. Southern Fascism is telling your woman what to do and how to do it, and maybe giving her some loving later, if it’s not hunting season.

Southern Fascism is loving your people more than any other earthly possession. Southern Fascism is the unrelenting preservation of our sacred heritage and rich culture. Southern Fascism is respecting the people that brought us here, and the men that fight for it now. Ultimately, Southern Fascism is us; one united brotherhood, the heirs of a pioneered inheritance, and the mentors of the future South.

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  1. Great piece FREEJCADAMS! This piece spoke to me about my personal behavior, which is never nasty but not always up to the standards that it should be. I just reposted this piece on my Google profile. I believe that when white men stand up as they should, the right kind of white women will embrace it and follow us.
    Also, when I read Rockwell’s “White Power” almost two years ago, I learned that “fascism” and “authoritarian socialism” are not the same thing. Most normies do not get it that “fascism” is basically just hard core nationalism and conservatism.
    We have a long way to go to restore the culture of the old South, but I believe that it can be done and it will be worth the struggle.

  2. Cobbler is delicious and iced tea without sugars is disgusting. Ain’t you ever heard of sweet tea? That’s the most southern thing ever.

    1. I think JC is referring to Ice Tea being “Sweet Tea” – the confusion being the name convention. Yankees typically say “Unsweet Tea,” while Southerners say both “Ice Tea” and “Sweet Tea.”

      Many a time, a Yankee will order “Ice Tea” (expecting it to be unsweet) and then add sugar packets to it.

      At least, that’s my 2 cents.

    2. It’s funny that the line most triggering in an article about “Southern Fascism” is the iced tea one. 😉

      Personally, I drink my tea with ice and no sugar. Diet and lifting are important when preparing for RaHoWa.

      1. If you ain’t careful, with this attitude about tea, you’re gonna git kickt out of The South…

  3. You could have gone Jeff Foxworthy with this – ‘you might just be a Southern fascist if you…’

    Be that as it may, we don’t nor ever would, call this ‘Southron fascism’ in Eastern North Carolina. For us, it’s just business as usual. Actually, it don’t even have a name…

    1. Thanks, Pat. In my opinion, fascism is an organic and muscular response that a nation’s people embrace for their own survival. Its a reactive ideology that springs from Marxism overreach. Spain is a perfect example. Fascism in Spain in the late 1920’s was a small political movement, but by 1939, most of the country was fascist (or monarchists, traditionalists, etc.) – the communists and anarchist were either dead, pardoned or in prison.

      Fascism, to put it shortly, is traditionalism (and nationalism) on steroids. And, it differs and manifests itself, as far as the political and economic machinations, depending on the country and the temperament of its people.

      If Southern Fascism is an oxymoron, so is Southern Nationalism. They’re really one and the same, except “fascism” sounds scary and “nationalism” moderately less scary – to normies.

      That’s my take on it, it might make an interesting article on the topic. If you’re ever interested in contributing to our site, you are more than welcome. We’re not opposed to publishing counter-arguments. Thanks



      1. Unfortunately, fascism is far beyond nationalism. It is an overlay of socialism onto nationalism that isn’t necessary at all. Worse, it’s a 20th century construct to counter communism, something that’s no longer needed, even in Europe.

        In the southern states, we have no need of the obsolete concept of an overweening national government. South Carolina, the smallest southern state, can easily exist as an independent Republic. We’re the same size, with regard to both land area and population, as the Irish Republic and close to both Scotland and
        Sweden, too.

        With a careful watch on countries that would exploit our southern men and women, such as China, India, and other such countries, we’ll do fine as free enterprise zones. I personally favor restricting our imports and exports to white nations, I’m particularly pleased that BMW exports their X3, X5, and X6 vehicles wordwide, they’re made no other place than South Carolina. The list of other heavy industries that have located here is long.

        The rest of the southern states are, likewise, in good shape to be in shape to be independent republics. A loose affiliation based on southerness is all that’s needed. For example, I like my Alabama and Louisiana friends, but I’m not of their states, I’m a South Carolinian, and always will be.

  4. I’d love to read an anti-fascism article from a Southern perspective, especially since we, as southerners, have always had a unique political tradition. And however vacuous the word “fascism” has become, it’s never been used to characterize Dixie (that I’m aware of – certainly isn’t a habitual description).

    We’re the enemies of abstraction! A man ought not theologize unless he can first grow corn; political theory written with calloused hands (as it were).

    If such an article were to be written, I hope it’d highlight the cult-like nature of fascism and contrast it with the heart-and-hearth provincialism of a hierarchical, plantation society. No machine building in Dixie! No Enlightenment-styled construction of perfected techno-humans…even techno-humans who lift heavy. We ought to declare war against abstraction!

    ~ Human kind has reached its horizon,
    Our forms no longer trap or bind us.
    We’ll quickly escape these boundaries,
    An unbridled lust will set us free
    From the many ties we used to trust.

    Escape we will, for escape we must,
    Passionate hunger and endless lust.
    It has never been our fate to be,
    Human kind

    No more slaves to a fleshly carcass,
    No death! Immortality marks us!
    Metal bones and nuclear energy!
    We hate those who love humanity.
    We’ll never again be free to trust
    Human kind ~