Pikeville, Optics & Strategy

I had the honor of attending the Traditionalist Worker Party’s Pikeville, Kentucky event April 28-29. The goal of the event was to shed light on the working class of Pikeville, left in the wake of a deindustrialized coal industry. Only White Nationalist groups care about the plight of the working class White man and his family, don’t you know?

The event marked a new era of cooperation between separate White Nationalist groups in the hopes of securing the existence of our people, and a future for White children. Groups including the National Socialist Movement, The Traditionalist Worker Party, The League of the South, Vanguard America, Global Crusaders Order of the Ku Klux Klan and many others. Several Internet personalities were also in attendance, including Mike Enoch (the Right Stuff,) Sacco Vandal (the War Room,) and several goys from the Daily Stormer book clubs. There were over 150 people on our side. This was apparently the largest White Nationalist event in 15 years.

The weekend started in a local parking lot where everyone met to form a convoy that would travel to a rural area, where we would camp and bond over the next two days. The first night we shared a meal together, met like minded men and enjoyed several speeches given by Matthew Heimbach, and other representatives of said groups. Heimbach was engaging and uplifting as I expected. He is a very gifted public speaker and a leader in the modern WN movement.

That night we sat around a fire and got to know one another. I met several high quality characters there, and have to say I was particularly impressed with some of the younger men. They seemed to have a firm grasp of our current situation and how we came to be here. From historical debates, to bancing about the latest memes, friendships were formed and I had a great time. Unlike a message board, the people who come to these events don’t purity spiral over every little disagreement, but instead focus on how we can work together, as one group, to accomplish our goals. That, and no one talked about anime, thank God.

The next morning, after working a shift on guard duty, I met some more of my fellow goys and dressed up for the main event. All black from head-to-toe was the approved uniform, so I followed suit.

We were taught by a very fit and impressive member of The League of the South, who was ex-military, on how to march in formation. We broke into groups to work toward a disciplined appearance. Personally, I support uniformity and marching. I support fashy aesthetics in every regard as this is a projection of our strength, discipline, commitment, and masculine spirit. All of which I fail to find in the antifa opposition. They might make the effort to show up, but aesthetically they appear as degenerate drop-outs likely to lurk around front of the local methadone clinic…or gay bar.

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We had one final rousing speech from Heimbach and set off to the event. On the way there the local radio spoke of, “Neo-Nazis and Antifa” set to converge on the streets of small town America. Later, there was an update about our convoy pulling into town; about 40 vehicles.

Immediately upon exiting our cars, the press was upon us. Some local affiliates, and some independent leftist blogger types as well. Heimbach answered a few questions in a cordial, yet uncompromising way.

We entered the prescribed space escorted by police, who by my estimation did deter leftist violence by their presence. Of course the emergency “Anti Masking” ordinance Pikeville City passed helped as well. Antifa only tends to attack if masked and in a crowd, and only then, when they outnumber you and catch a straggler away from their group. Total cowards.

There were myriad cameras, including a hovering drone capturing the event. Many of the aforementioned men spoke to a mostly noisy and childish crowd. Only the normies seemed to disagree in a somewhat mature fashion. The antifa commies blew whistles and whined, fingers stuffed into their ear drums, like the enemies of truth and discourse they were programmed to be. Many of their signs simply regurgitated common talking points they “learned” through the many channels of (((education))) they pledge allegiance to. “America is a Melting Pot” being particularly cringe-worthy.

By my estimation the younger speakers on our side seemed to get a better response, reaction-wise, from both our guys and the opposition. It seems the energy and immediacy of youth is quite effective. Considering optics, it is this writer’s opinion that the older aesthetics, swastikas and all, don’t perform well.

We must consider target audience. The majority of people in attendance are not there to be won over, or even consider your message. Therefor we perform for the cameras, and those that look on from afar, most specifically, from the internet, as that will be less filtered by the television gatekeepers. The internet is the source of greatest sympathy.

There are many members of the millennial generation waking up to the concept of identity, and the lies of equality, White privilege, White supremacy, and diversity. They have grown up in the decay of a post-homogeneous empire, now seeking to snuff them out. They recognize the anti-White agenda, and the degeneracy, and therefor yearn for a movement built on traditional values. However, they need this in a modernized form. The speed at which this movement takes shape is fueled by the internet and real-time content; uniquely modern.

The Alt-Right and the more nascent WN groups are a new brand. The aesthetics are different, facts are supplemented with humor instead of anger. There comes time for a re-brand. All the same people can be involved, but a change of clothes and a fashy haircut go a long way now. The momentum this new resurgence in Nationalist consciousness is the momentum of youth. In these times, where the internet has matured, the red-pill process is stream-lined. For years the online community has fact-checked and debunked everything from the Jewish Question, to the Global Communist Agenda, to the very way that women think. What was once a mystery, is now on Twitter for any young goy to ponder. We need to capitalize on this phenomenon.

My point is this: in my estimation, and others who have now posted their thoughts on Pikeville, there is a lot of momentum here that needs a better path of expression.

OPTICS: Optics can be defined as the way a situation, action, event, etc., is perceived by the public or by a particular group of people. Pictures speak a thousand words, no?

Half-naked sluts with swastika tattoos hollering, “naggers!” is no good. Roman salutes and the majority of our memes are for us, NOT the crowd. A better strategy would be to take the 150 people who showed up, and only include those in the main group (A-team) who fit the aesthetic and can demonstrate marching discipline and proper performance on camera. Cursing and flicking off the crowd can not be spun to your benefit. Trolling the crowd with smiles and waves is better. Some of our guys even made the police grin. Much better optics.

STRATEGY: Those in the movement, that are not selected for the main group (B-team,) should dress as normies, arrive before the main group, and pepper themselves throughout the opposition side, feeding intel to safety squad leaders. This is unassuming, and has worked at several of our events before. This not only offered our side more safety, but also led to some of the antifa scum being doxxed.

The B-team, if confronted, could easily play the normie just seeing what all the fuss is about. Chances are you will appear more like a local than the antifa will. Absolutely nothing suspicious about a normie-presenting person on a cellphone.

This approach helps in several ways. 1. You are decreasing the possibilities of bad optics, by keeping those not meeting the approved aesthetics out. 2. You are keeping friendly eyes all around your opposition. 3. If all hell breaks loose, your B-team can swoop in behind your attackers if they decided to rush you, and come to your defense. 4. Your B-team can also act as normie “hero’s” who show up at these events just to provide medical care to those injured, nursing the wounded from the contents of their medical bags. I personally saw two of these medical “hero’s” at Pikeville.

CONCLUSION: Overall, the event was a success. We demonstrated that we are not just internet lurkers. We demonstrated that we can put aside our differences and unite for a shared cause, and this sent a message. We demonstrated a complete lack of fear, whether from doxxing or from violence. We demonstrated, to those who actually listened, what it is we stand for; the future of our people.

Hopefully there were some watching, at home and abroad, that will see this and begin to get involved. We can always increase that likelihood the next time around. The elders need to be involved, mentoring and passing down the wisdom they have earned. The youth need to be the face and the boots. Everyone that has a stake in this fight needs to be involved, whether in the A-team or the more supportive B-team. Personally, I am willing to disavow all of my individualism for the greater good of my people, and I will gladly be B-team any day of the week. That weekend I met many men who acted the say way.

I leave you with this: never underestimate the effect these events have. These events create and sustain the momentum we need to move forward. What we do here also inspires other Nationalist movements world-wide. America is not the only country suffering the crisis of both foreign invasion and cultural Marxism. What we offer will be studied and added to the lexicon of what works. Surely other groups contribute to this collective study, it’s end being the same for us all: Securing our nations, for our people. For the first time in years, I’m realistically optimistic.


  1. Glad that all went well in Pikeville. Aesthetics do indeed matter. I strongly agree with you line that :”Half-naked sluts with swastika tattoos hollering, “naggers!” is no good. ” Amen! Disciplines men marching, quite good.

    1. This is very true, Mr. Miller, but, as we (Southern And White Nationalists) have the same enemies, it makes sense to be supportive of one another – even if our dreams are somewhat different.

    2. That is interesting. I have been tot heir website and read some of their stuff, and while they seemed implicitly white -there was no specific statement that I saw about White Nationalism or how the Negroes would be handled in a future free Dixie republic. Thanks for clarifying what I was wondering about.