Reflections on Ourselves & Our Posterity

I want to speak personally on certain accusations that have been made recently. I will speak candidly and without reserve. The only way I know how to address matters of this magnitude. Some have made accusations to myself and others of contempt for the younger generation of Southerns. Nothing could be further from the truth. To speak for myself I am the last to condemn this generation. I understand completely how valuable this generation is.

There are hours of audio evidence to support my claims of where I stand on this generation of Southerns. I have been their strongest supporter. I have at risk to my reputation with my own In-group a defense of this generation.

Our People will die if this younger generation of Southerns fail. This is not emotionalism. This is fact. These young men have, like the rest of Us been dispossessed of our true and rightful inheritance as Southerns, FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE.

I see many among the younger generation scoff and ridicule their Fathers. The manner of how they do this are many, but I will list but just a few. The willful adoption of negro language and manner. The promotion of negro-like treatment of Our women folk by physical abuse and general mistreatment. The Southern woman has proven Her loyalty in the past and still today She defends the Southland by being what She was intended to be. A willing partner and keeper of our firesides. Raising Our children and being the center organizers of our families.

There is another issue I see with greater frequency. The outright rejection of the sacrifice of our Fathers. The very idea to reject what our Fathers have sacrificed so dearly for is an absolute abomination. Generations of men have given everything just so these sort can piss and moan and live at the highest standard of living in the world. The willful disrespect of our traditions and outright rejection of their duty as Southern men is abhorrent.

Purity spiraling will not bring us closer to what Our Fathers attempted and so dearly paid for in blood with the attempt. I see so much talent and I see much squander. In-fighting must be abolished.

Now is the time to prepare for the coming fight.

Image result for white minority projection

If Southerns mean to be free then we must necessarily look after our own goals, our own People and our own aspirations. I have found when others are in need of allies the first they always go to are the Southerns. Because they know we would die on the hill with them. We don’t abandon those who we call friend.

I end in a quote from a man that I have looked up to since I was 25 years of age. A great man in my own opinion who has sacrificed much for Our People.

We have Ourselves to look to and Ourselves alone. – Dr. Michael Hill

5 thoughts on “Reflections on Ourselves & Our Posterity

  1. Those demographic projections are much kinder and optimistic than others I’ve seen. Don’t forget, our elite, people like Joe Biden, openly brag about this day coming when we are a minority in our country. It is celebrated by these traitors.

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  2. That Confederate monument in the headline pic was designed by a kike, Moses Ezekiel. Notice the proto-Communism.


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