Allies to Crack the Empire

Among many great points there were two competing views presented at the Atlanta Forum. One was a doubling down on Southern Nationalism as opposed to “Yankee white nationalism” which seeks to swallow it by RG Miller and the other was the generic white nationalism (GWN) view by Sam Dickson. As usual, Mr Dickson made multiple good points, but I stand directly against his proposition that we must open up to joining a generic white ethnostate, instead of a Dixian ethnostate. Dickson’s view was slightly modified from GWN in that he proposed limiting inclusion to only whites from longstanding Christian cultures.

We must first acknowledge that White or European is not a single race, but a racial category including multiple closely related races that share similar complexions. Mayans and Japanese have very similar skin color, eye color, hair color and texture, and even structural similarities in their faces. They both fall in the Mongoloid category and it is well known that the Amerinds came from Asia across Beringia, but nobody short of a race denier would deny that they are two separate races, genetically distinct from one another by a significant margin.

Secondly, we must not confuse exclusion with enmity against other white nationalist movements and must not allow GWN to confuse it for us. We need not count outsiders as our own in order to partner toward mutually beneficial goals. One of our key strategies in breaking free from the American empire should be to support identitarian movements in the Northwest, Acadiana, Quebec (perhaps including French parts of the Northeastern US), white Hispanics of Latin America (and perhaps part of US Southwest), perhaps we can also support the Amerikaner identity in the more Germanic areas, or a Deseret in the West, etc. The more ways we can fracture the US Empire, the harder it will be for globalists to hold it all together. We would indeed be fools to prefer a Dixie vs everybody else scenario over a Dixie and her allies vs common enemy scenario, but just because we recognize ourselves as distinct racial and ethnic groups does not mean we must be enemies in our struggle. This is even supported by recent history in the fall of the Soviet Union with the peaceful emergence of 15 independent states. The first paragraph of the Wikipedia article is inspirational enough I decided to paste it here:

The post-Soviet states, also collectively known as the former Soviet Union (FSU)[1] or former Soviet Republics, are the 15 independent states that emerged from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in its dissolution in December 1991, with Russia internationally recognised as the successor state to the Soviet Union. On March 11, 1990, Lithuania was the first to declare its independence, with Estonia and Latvia following suit in August 1991. All three Baltic states claimed continuity from the original states that existed prior to their annexation by the Soviet Union in 1944 and were admitted to the United Nations on 17 September 1991.[2][3] The remaining 12 republics all subsequently seceded.[2] 12 of the 15 states, excluding the Baltic states, initially formed the CIS and most joined CSTO, while the Baltic states focused on European Union and NATO membership.

If these tiny, mostly landlocked European countries can become separately independent upon Soviet collapse, then why should the distinct white nations of North America not become independent with such large territories and with coastline to spare? Every fracture weakens the Empire. The more ways we can split the remainder of the US, the easier it will be for Dixie to break away and Retake Everything.


  1. Wow this is some boring boomer talk. Dixian enthostate vs. Generic White Nationalism? Give me a break. This is the kind of kiked ideological divide-and-conquer BS that the boomer generation wasted their best years debating. Who cares about muh principles, muh ideals, muh ideology? Hitler had this right. You do what is best for your people. What matters is what works. The League of the South has been boring and stale since the flag battles ended in 2000.

  2. Prez, I could not agree with you more; and, with all due respect to the previous commenter, I think it not only NOT boring, but, a very engrossing and important conversation.

    I adore Sam Dickson! What a fabulous wit he has.

    Yet, White Nationalism is the most idiotick idea (save for the Jewish One World Order Idea) I have ever heard.

    The notion of The Southern White Race being permanently married to Yankees (who share few values with us, is a ludicrous as is a marriage between Finns and Russians, or Irish and Hungrarians.

    People who refuse to acknowledge that blood is only one fascit of nationality, and that culture and geography are primary constituents, too, are simply smoking out of a crack pipe.

    Also, the notion that anyone who stands for, or who has ever stood for, The Sovereign needs and rights for The Southern White Race to be supreme in Southern lands – and NOT subject to the opinions of aliens, (Gentile or otherewise) is like a kyke – in that he lives in our midst, enjoys our women & weather, yet feels no connection to us.

    Well done!


      ‘Also, any Southerner who considers a Southern Nationalist like a kyke, (because the latter wants a sovereign land not subject to the whim of aliens (Gentile, Jewish, or otherwise) is, in and of itself, the supreme kyke mind – in that such an accuser lives in our midst, enjoys our women & weather, yet feels absolutely no connection to us, and has little understanding of us.

      Do I smell a Yankee?

      1. My point is about prioritizing ideals. Without the Jew, we can handle the blacks, Yankees, beaners, etc. If the kikes are gassed, we can look back at 1861 and 1776, and truly say that we can do better. The first thing to go must be the Jew. Unless you’re talking about Jews, you’re not doing anything. That was our mistake with Trump. We embraced him for being pro-White, and now he has proven to be a shill. You’re nothing unless you name the Jew. The goal must be to make the Holocaust come true, and anything that works toward that goal is good.

        Medieval Europe unified Whites under Christianity and banned the Jew. Blaming the English or the Borgia pope or Yankees or other Whites for going soft and lifting bans on Jews is just plain evil. It is truly playing into the hands of the Jewish deconstruction of the White race. Yes, it is true that there’s no such thing as too White. And, yes, us Southerners have a special ultra White purity. But it’s time to stop pretending there’s anything to postmodern deconstructionism. It’s BS. I’m pro-White, and that means anti-Semitic.

        The next generation of Southern activists needs to ask ourselves one simple question. Who has a greater spiritual charter on our people: Robert E. Lee or Adolf Hitler?

        The current state of affairs dictates Hitler, and causes me to question how much space separates him from Christ. Clearly, Robert E. Lee or Nathan Bedford Forrest do not raise us that high.

      2. Secessionism is fine, but if you take a look around, it feels larpy and leads to rainbow-ism. Southern Baptists gave up the Episcopal Church because the Yanks took it over. We gave up the Catholic Church because Henry VIII made us. We gave up the Orthodox Church because kikes cucked a weak Roman pope. Christianity has been diluted all the way. Secessionism is only good in as far as it unifies against the Jew. Secessionism was exploited by Broad Street bankers in 1850s Charleston almost as much as Wall Street exploited abolitionism. Both are forms of individualism that betray our own to the benefit of Jews.

        I can make arguments that Muslim slaves would have been better off in the Confederacy. It’s true, but the reality is that only German efficiency would be able to process blacks like livestock in a way that could have removed them. That might have been realistic if the South had won… But we would have had to team up with Hitler, otherwise all would have been lost and become what it is anyway.

  3. I will, however, say this – we can certainly be supportive of Nationalist movements, of White, so long as we do not have to deny our own Southern Nationalism….

  4. And yes : there will be opportunities, no matter how grim it seems for a time.

    The one thing we know – the status quo is never statick for long…