Southern Nationalist Radio: Episode 37 – Trump’s Cucking & Shutting down Antifa

Harold Crews and Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent, have a wide ranging discussion.

The begin with the complete 180’s committed by Trump over the last several weeks. Trump has engaged in hard cucking over his top campaign issues of America first foreign policy, immigration, and bringing back jobs. What we have gotten instead is a near war in Syria; a potential war over North Korea; worsening relations with Russia; tax cuts for the rich; friendly relations with China; no Muslim ban; no funding for the wall; no defunding of sanctuary cities; and continuation of Obama’s Dreamers policy. Brad then goes into detail in Trump’s cucking to Jews and Israel. The second half of the episode concerns the broader implications of Anti-fa violence over the last several months and most particularly in Berkley, Huntington Beach, Washington DC, Auburn, and the upcoming event in Pikeville.

To listen to the show, please click below.


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