Helicopter Mom – Episode 14: A Very Hip Episode

This week on Helicopter Mom, your hosts are Julia and Rachel. Madeleine could not make it. Evelyn is working diligently in the background, and also joins in for a while. We have two fantastic guests this week: Nikko aka NaCl Wife, and French Dressing returns.

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Article that has the title that triggered Julia: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2074238/Does-husband-truly-sexy-having-baby.html

  • Nikko’s life

Two kids under two

Difficult? Yes and no

Picking up after a toddler while pregnant is hard

Sleep in the first month is difficult

Potty training with two kids is crappy (lol)

Julia duct tapes her babies to keep diapers on at night. (just the diaper though)

Don’t worry, the duct tape was pretty

How well does the toddler eat

Eats what parents eat

Has many chompers

Young children and holidays

Taking pictures and mailing them to relatives

Easter egg hunts this year

The blacks stole all the easter eggs

It’s always the mestizos and black kids that are not doing the right thing in public

It’s easy to redpill kids because they naturally notice these discrepancies

Minority mothers are usually inattentive

      3. Grocery shopping with two young kids is hard

Have to avoid the things that distract the kids

      4. Women smoking

Why is this a gendered topic?

Smoking in general is gross and unhealthy

Neither ladylike or gentlemanlike

Makes you smell bad

Cigars and pipe tobacco smoking is not as bad because

Less chemicals

You don’t inhale it

Flavored tobacco and some cigars aren’t as bad for women

Less trashy and more classy

Julia likes her cherry tobacco

Cigarettes are definitely the nastiest

Keep it away from the children

You can tell a woman that has smoked for a long time

Can have lifelong effects: dementia, cancer, premature aging

Second hand smoke

Chemicals stick to skin, hair, and clothes

Can harm babies

Causes asthma in children


Nikko keeps bees and has tons of honey

Is it difficult?

Scary at first (DUH)

Everyone does it differently

Different sizes of boxes, putting hive on ground or stand, what kind of bees

Honeybees will travel up to 5 miles to pollinate ‘

Professional pollination is a huge business

Different plants, different seasons all over the country

New hive must be out of that 5 mile radius

Bees do choreographed dances to explain to others how to get pollen


Nikko gets stung when harvesting honey (through gloves)

Drones (males) are lazy bees and do nothing

They’re just there to mate

Perfect NEET position

Male bees can be harmful to the hife if they collect mites

This sounds kind of like feminism

Bees only live about a month

Wax comes from young bees

Bees can only fly for about 2-3 weeks before their wings become too damaged

Advice to anyone that wants to become a beekeeper

Be good to your neighbors

Establish where to put a water feature

If not, they’ll roam around

Need about a gallon per day

First honey harvest

Late summer

You have to leave them about 100 pounds of honey to eat during the winter


Bees ran out of room

Queen is getting older and lays new queens

Leave the hive and let one child take over

Could split the hive

Environmental reasons

Open the hive as little as possible

Opening the hive causes a lot of them to kill themselves protecting the hive

Disrupts the pollen

The queen is a Kardashian bee because she got a donk

Kids under 1 can’t have raw honey

Could get botulism, potentially fatal

Local honey can help you combat local allergies

Someone please help Julia with bitcoin

Rachels new segment about Biblical ladies

Book of Ruth is between Samuel and Book of the Judges

Very early israelite history

They move to Moab

Moabites are not good people

False gods

Child sacrifice

Ruth is one of two women in Jesus’s lineage not of Jewish ascent

Ruth is super loyal

Wants to stay with her mother in law and go to Israel to serve God

Loyal to her married family even after the death of her husband

She saw something better and more hopeful in the god of Israel

Thus ends Ruth Part 1

Evelyn and Rachel Q&A

How long to get pregnant with first baby

Julia- 1st was a surprise, with second child, pregnant in first month

Haley- pregnant three months after taking off birth control

Nikko- got off birth control in summer, pregnant in december

The tearing of the thing between the bum and vajayjay

You’re in so much pain that you don’t really feel it

At least they’ll stitch you up and it’ll heal completely!

C-sections and formula feeding

`doing things the not natural way is okay when it’s not your choice

Childbirth is difficult and painful, modern science and c-sections save lives

Causes of emergency c-sections

Baby not facing the right way

Cord wrapped around the throat

Having to formula feed:

The baby wouldn’t latch

Breast disease…being allergic to own milk? Can’t remember the name

Need more information on breastfeeding

Lactation consultant

Mother, aunt, sister, grandmother etc. to show a new mom what to do

Similac organic is good

Get a lactation consultant!


Important part of childhood

Do people have enough vacation time?

Time for bonding and good memories

Seeing lots of beautiful places

Sense of history, geography, time and place

father/daughter bonding /mother/son bonding

Men do need to learn how to feed themselves

Teach your son to cook something

Let kids take turns cooking dinner?

Dad and daughter fishing

Boys and girls can garden

Dedicate different hobbies to each child

Make your kid feel special

One on one bonding is very important

Make sure that your sons know how to take care of themselves so that they aren’t at a disadvantage as adults

Does your husband ever see you as truly sexy after having a baby?

Some women don’t expect to have sex for the first year

“Maybe it’s because he doesn’t respect you because you’re not a real mom” DAMN GIRL ooshhh #triggered

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2074238/Does-husband-truly-sexy-having-baby.html———–> the source of the trigger

Most selfish reasons not to have children; have perfect boobs, perfect ladybits, coming first place all the time

It’s pounded into the heads of women

Health of the relationship of a couple after a baby is indicative of the health of the relationship before the baby

Having a baby should only strengthen the marriage

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