Helicopter Mom – Episode 13: Madeleine’s Tortellini

This week on Helicopter Mom, your hosts are Julia, Rachel, and Madeleine. And of course, our wonderful intern, Evelyn. Rachel has to leave during the second hour, and in her absence Madeleine and Julia get very blackpilled. We learned that Rachel is the sunshine of the show.

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  • Easter

Rachel had a fever 😦

Julia mingles at church and does laundry; eats lamb- very wholesome

She destroyed the rye bread but the pound cake was good

Madeline watched children misunderstand egg hunting

Presbyterian churches are still really traditional

Hosting at home

House pride

Spend a lot of time preparing, cleaning cooking

Make home spotless for guests

Julia’s babies have broken out of baby jail for good

Babies make a lot of laundry for everyone involved

Nathan Damigo

The face punch was pretty funny

Screw you, antifa

She is a girl, but she went there on purpose to stir up violence

Mom With a Purpose Discussion

People can be saved, but they have to want to be

Being 19 isn’t an excuse for irresponsible actions

Punch girl was beautiful before going to college

Is there hope in trying to save women

It’s harder to bring women back

If they’re repentant, it’s possible but marriage might not be difficult

What’s there for her without marriage?

Hard to deal with a damaged wife

We have to do what we can with the tools we’ve been given

Cautionary tale

Gender equality issue

Women are smaller and weaker. Generally not okay to punch them

This woman in particular

“I can’t believe you punched a woman”- but gender is social construct?

Right wingers are more consistent than left wingers

Women and men are equal, women shouldn’t be punched: pick one

If women are too fragile to be punched, then they shouldn’t be cops or firefighters

If women are equal, then they’re punchable

This woman forgot her physical limitations

What did she think was going to happen? She was going to beat up men?

Out of touch with reality

Muh gender doesn’t hold in up in real life

XENA is great 🙂

What women in history should we be looking up to in real life

Abigail Adams

We don’t hear a lot about the women that were behind the scenes raising up families

“Women who behave badly don’t make history”

Women raise the people that make history

Suzannah Wesley

Raised sons that worked in the church

Phyllis Schafley…? Spelling

Went into politics when her children grew up

Predicted a lot of gender politics and degenerate society issues

Ideally women should be able to look up to their older female family members

We shouldn’t always discount women that have been in traditional man’s roles because they have to rise above being a woman and answer the call of duty

We don’t always have the luxury of being a wife and mother, sometimes they have to be what they have to be and we should respect them as well.

But remember that this is not the norm

These are not the ONLY strong women

Reject the fact that ‘just’ being a wife and mothers

We counsel husbands, raise families, form bonds, create communities

Women not being women anymore is leading to a lot of our problems

Men and women shouldn’t be held to the same standards

“You make me want to convert to eastern orthodoxy, but I can’t get over praying to dead saints”

You are asking the saints to pray for you

Because they are dead and sainted, they are a little closer to god

We ask humans to pray for us all the time, it isn’t that out of the ordinary

Having some influence!!

Don’t think we’re disapproving of other christian religions

Julia’s joking tone isn’t always obvious

Be nicer Julia

We’re all heretics, but julia respects us anyway. Thanks Julia.

Is it accurate or an exaggeration that newborns are so difficult that women can’t find a moment to shower or feed themselves for the first six months

First two months are difficult, first month you’re still in pain

But it’s worth it! You’ll love your baby

Things get easier, feedings get farther apart, sleep longer

A lot depends on the baby

Women make newborns sound like the worst thing in the world

They’re competing for whose life is the most difficult and miserable


Competition between working moms and stay at home moms

Telling new moms terrible horror stories

For some reason, we idolize the biggest victims

It’s beautiful and awesome, but it is difficult

Stay at home moms want to be taken seriously

Working moms are also under tons of stress and don’t really have connections with their children

Working moms imply that they have double the workload, but they don’t

They are not taking care of the children while they’re working

It seems harder to be a working mom because being a wage slave makes you less able to be with your children and makes you miserable

The judgmental minds of the working moms make stay at home moms defensive, causes exaggeration

Newborn tips

Accept the pain meds

Have them just in case

Sleep every chance you get

Say no to visitors if you need to sleep

Keep snacks and water next to where you’re sitting

You’ll be drinking a lot of water

Buy the biggest maxipads you can find

Babywearing? Yes or no

baby wearing is when you carry the baby in a baby carrier

Baby is against your body and it leaves your hands free

Do it!

Babies need to be held, need the warmth, comfort, need to hear the heartbeat

Wear baby during grocery shopping, cooking, go for a walk, good for traveling

Nifty sheets of fabric with a clip

Wrap and tie and it holds baby, also helps with nursing

Backpacks baby carriers are better for husbands and older babies

Disenchanted musical

A musical that pokes fun at the concept of disney princesses

Liberal feminist twist

All the princesses are fat

Sassy looking


We don’t need to man



Julia, that’s Princess Tiana

Reinterpreting disney princesses for fat feminists

Unfortunately, there is an audience

Don’t go on tumblr, degenerate reimagining of disney princesses


Lots of animosity towards Disney princesses

Feminists love to hate them because they represent traditional femininity

Do Africans have nice tales that can be converted to Disney movies?

European Princess stories get multicultural ladies added to them to try to appeal to appeal to people

Doesn’t make sense

Why don’t they adapt ethnic fairy tales?

What should parents should and shouldn’t talk about in front of children

It’s important to have grown up conversations

It’s good for them to listen

They learn words and phrases

  • Modeling how to be an adult

Talk to your child like they’re a person, not an animal

Use full sentences

Regular adult words

Talking baby talk or talking for children delays speech development

Narrate yourself, model the language

Argue in front of children?

Calm, impersonal arguments/discussions are great for a child to hear

Presenting an example of teamwork and problem solving

Heated arguments aren’t good to have in front of the kids

Don’t countersignal your spouse in front of your children

Don’t talk about the jews

Race differences?

Speaking candidly about race teaches that it’s okay to notice and talk about these things

They’ll get different ideas elsewhere and start to think that those thoughts are not okay

It could cause an uncomfortable situation, but we should speak our minds; mildly

If someone gets offended, be assertive but don’t be mean

Black people are dumb and gays are going to hell

And it was the jews. They did everything.

Pointing it out is fine, jews might be more difficult because it’s so taboo and much more entwined in our culture

Principles says that it’s okay, but reality is more nuanced

Don’t curse or say racial slurs

It’s not proper

Talking about the differences between genders

Objectively healthier to be a stay at home mom, a strong belief to have

Important to be truthful about


Don’t censor yourself about that

Take every opportunity to say something and stand up against it

This is child abuse


Children have to know that it’s okay to go with instincts without fear of being labeled as racist or transphobic

You have to go with your gut but we are taught that our gut feeling is wrong and is the product of white supremacy and the patriarchy

Our children have to be able to listen to those feelings and adhere to them

Men turn into trannies at college and women shave their heads and get fat and ugly

The girls seem to want to look ugly

Women want to shave their pretty hair to rebel against gender roles and the patriarchy

Big black pill

Nothing we do right now is going to save us politically

Donald Trump turned out to be a cuck

We need to raise healthy wholesome children and families

Try to influence the community to be healthy and wholesome

Homeschooling, local government, HOA

It’s difficult that we all live so apart from each other

Strong bonds can help keep people afloat

Women can collectively take care of the children

Ethno-territory is never going to work because people don’t want to move

Build networks and help people out over long distances

Low key take over a neighborhood

An effective way to convince mothers to stay home with their children

A lot of moms don’t know that they don’t have to work

There’s a lot of countersignaling of stay at home moms, women feel like they HAVE to work

We need to teach them that they are better suited at home

Their families will appreciate them more than their bosses

So much propaganda against traditional child rearing

We have to tell them that it is okay

Spread the information

Instincts start to kick in

If women wanted to work and leave their babies, then they wouldn’t be crying for one year of maternity leave

Share budgeting ideas

Don’t buy the nicest house that you can afford

Don’t get brand new vehicles

Cook things like potatoes and onions and rice and beans

Sports are not luxuries

One or two sports are okay, but many parents go overboard and feel like they have to

Very children are born gifted enough as athletes that they need to play 98236986896 different sports to prepare for the olympics

Extended family

Important for children and mom

Part of the reason that being a mom is so difficult is that we don’t have the same support system as we used to

It’s not supposed to be normal to only see parents a few times per year

Toxic idea that family is bad; you need to move away and be your own person

Mom forums are dark, scary places


Cousin and sibling bonds

So much help to have family members around

Forming bonds with each other

Parents should be involved with their children even after they’ve grown up and turned 18

Keep children close and create new traditions

Listen to your instincts

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