New Orleans: Decadent Chocolate City

A fallen citadel, the shell of a once great city; walking the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans with a keen eye, one can see echoes of its glorious past. Without question, New Orleans has always had a multicultural tradition. This is the nature of great port cities. The beckoning of fortunes to be made through the mercantile business brought immigrants from Europe by the boatload. New Orleans was also an important conduit for the slave trade before the War of Northern Aggression. A convergence of Spanish, French, Irish, Italian, and Creole cultures, one can still appreciate the unique blend this historic city once possessed.

But, truth be told, that glorious past was held together by a white identity. At its demographic peak in 1960, the white population was north of 60% and the black population was south of 40%, (according to A sharply declining trajectory in favor of blacks has been a jarring trend since that decade. Hurricane Katrina shifted the demographics slightly back in our favor, but as of 2010, the black population was 60% and the white population was around 30%. Only one conclusion can be drawn from this statistic. New Orleans is ceded territory and inching ever closer to “Back to Africa.”

The sobering consequences of this new cultural reality can be seen not only in the character of the city, but also the political climate. White people have ceded the city not only culturally, but democratically. As of this writing, the efforts to remove the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from Lee Circle is certain to prevail. Activists in the city would love nothing less than to remove all monuments to white history from the public facade and in their place erect tributes to the communist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Old Hickory’s statue in Jackson Square is already on the wish list (it’s just a matter of time).

A stroll through the French Quarter is a redpilling experience. It’s not enough to know that New Orleans is a Mecca of hedonism, one must see it up close to fully understand. Three hours in the city will put you face to face with a dozen panhandlers. They don’t just ask for money politely or with a sense of humility, they practically demand handouts, expect them, and use aggressive tactics to intimidate the passerby. The overpasses and alleyways are packed with homeless people, both black and white. Experienced residents and visitors just step over them and walk around them, treating them like inevitable fixtures, instead of pathetic souls that deserve (perhaps?) a better life. An egalitarian in New Orleans will publicly virtue signal their sympathy for the plight of the impoverished, but will go about their self-indulgent day without a genuine act of charity for these unfortunate souls who they’d rather forget.

Miscegenation is not just a grim reality in New Orleans, it is an everyday fact of life. Anecdotally, but conservatively, I’d say that 1/5th  of the white women (below the age of 40) that you encounter in the Quarter are escorted by a non-white husband or boyfriend – usually a variety of races, but mostly black. The other 3/5th are single thots (many lesbians) hanging out with other females and/or gay men, and, lastly, the remaining 1/5th are straight women with a white male companion. Not only has the city been ceded to the blacks, but the women too. How any father could raise his daughter in this cesspool is beyond my comprehension.

There are cucked men aplenty in the city as well. The white men seem to have accepted their lot in the sexual marketplace and many fly solo or settle for Asians or mulattos. Either that or they have turned gay. I will spare you the details of the gay culture in New Orleans, but it has boldly stamped itself on the city’s degenerate character. Pic below is related.

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Hedonism in The Big Easy

Despite all of these signs of civilization’s regression, really akin to the Third World cities in Brazil, ask any white resident of New Orleans how they feel about their city and they will proudly say they wouldn’t live anywhere else.

There is an explanation for this. America’s consumer ethos and culture of indulgent narcissism converges in New Orleans to feed the ego of the Everyman. Here he is free to partake in pleasure-seeking without conscience and, very little consequences. There is nobody to judge you, no model of virtue to aspire to. There is an unspoken social pact to accept all forms of decadence and degeneracy in exchange for acceptance of one’s own particular vice.

In return for that liberty, the white man “pays the tax.” High rates of crime, deteriorating infrastructure, poverty and homelessness (the city has one of the highest per capita rates of homelessness in the nation) – a long laundry list of inconveniences that the city’s denizens and vulgar visitors gladly accept in exchange for their god-unto-thyself existence.

This isn’t true of everyone though. Just across Lake Pontchartrain lies the “Northshore”.” This is where the affluent white man has fled to escape the decay of the city. He lives just in reach of it, just close enough to taste the decadence when the craving hits him, but far enough away to disassociate his mind from the territory that he has ceded. Our normie refugee will not express any criticisms of New Orleans’ cultural hash stew, but he will express concern for the state of the public schools, the high crime rate, and other critical symptoms without ever admitting the actual problem. He waves the white flag of surrender while seeking higher ground. The decline of the city is as much his fault for abandoning it, as it is democracy’s fault for creating it.

Unfortunately, it may be too late to reclaim New Orleans. Here at Identity Dixie our credo is “Retake Everything,” but before we can even consider that possibility we must wake our white population up from their slumber. As cities like New Orleans become hostile and foreign territory to whites, so will go the rest of the South (and the entire nation) if demographic trends are not reversed.

The residents of New Orleans are literally unaware of their predicament because it is their normal – the status quo. Whites increasingly do not identify with their traditional culture – and instead identify with the depraved culture of the “Current Year.” A resident of New Orleans will see himself as just that, a New Orleanier – his Southern, Louisianian (hell, even American) heritage meaning little to him.

Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?” resonates more to him than any ballad Johnny Horton sang on behalf of the city’s history.

This is why he is willing to surrender the city. This is why the removal of historic landmarks mean nothing to him. He’ll gladly sacrifice the city’s historic legacy for his funnel cakes, cheap plastic beads and a Drew Brees jersey. He’ll gladly pay the tax to live for today with no connection to yesterday or concern for the future. This madness must end before vast swaths of Dixie (and America) are completely lost.

The machinations of (((Modernity))) have largely succeeded, but men of honor can and MUST – Retake Everything!

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  1. Awesome post guys. I am just exploring you since I cam across you from Occidental Dissent. I have never been to New Orleans. I knew there were a few guys like Dr. Duke still fighting to preserve new Orleans, but I did not realize how bad it was until reading this piece.
    You paragraph about the number of white women who are either miscegenators or lesbians blew my mind. It is bad here in southern Indiana, but not that bad yet. I knew New Orleans was known for decadence, voodoo, and queer culture -but still this piece stunned me a bit.
    The part about not having a virtue to aspire to, as you said “There is an unspoken social pact to accept all forms of decadence and degeneracy in exchange for acceptance of one’s own particular vice.” was quite true. I have seen that in the many of the churches I have attended; no one seriously questions anyone about clearly unBiblical actions becasue they do not want the heat on themselves for their own violations.
    Once again, very interesting piece. You are now on my WordPress follow list.

    1. Thank you for the follow and the comment.

      I do want to stress that my numbers about miscegenation are anecdotes, and apply primarily to the younger <40 crowd, and mostly in "vibrant" areas of the city like The French Quarter.
      Just as disturbing as the miscegenation is the lack of heterosexual monogamy within the demographic that isn't race mixing. They are mostly indulging in hook-up culture, gay lifestyles, etc with no ambition to marry and have a family. This tends to (optically) put a stronger emphasis in the eyes of the observer on the miscegenation, because there seems to be more public displays of pair bonding with white women and black men than other demographics. All anecdotal but visit some time and you will see.

    2. You would like it in Northeastern North Carolina, Joe – we are friendly, conservative, Christian, civil, and there is precious little race-mixing.

  2. A century before I was born, New Orleans known as the centre of race-mixing and, for that matter, sin.

    That the people are extraordinarily hospitable and the cuisine is divine, does not change the fact that the town has been the very antithesis of what Dixie is since God only knows when.

    But, yes, the White player in the mix is becoming weaker and smaller, the result being that whatever order was once there is now very much on the wane.