The Liberal Mind or The Singularity of Eternal Darkness

Maybe we shouldn’t go down this rabbit hole. It may turn out to be a singularity from which there is no escape, a black hole where time itself freezes and snares the hapless victim in its gravity field. But we will, because truth is the only way out of absolute darkness.

I decided to write this essay after three coinciding interactions with the liberal mind. In one instance, I was debating a young woman about the foolishness of Trump bombing Syria for the sake of random babies on the other side of the world – and for this she called me a sociopath. Unironically, she ended the debate by defending her choice to not bear children because she doesn’t have time for “parasites.” Wew lad. I’m undergoing chemotherapy at the moment over this one. Wish me well.

The second instance of mind numbing liberal gobbledygook occurred when I was reading up on claims that the 90’s pop band “Ace of Base” was a reincarnation of Hitler’s brown shirts in musical form. A sleuth writer for Cracked magazine online, to his credit, connected the dots with lyrics, album titles, and the origin of the band’s name – admittedly, some Sherlock Holmes worthy detective work. It isn’t that the guy uncovered some plausible white nationalist themes in their music, it’s the kvetching over it that made my head spin. For example, in the song “All That She Wants” the band repeats the refrain that the female subject of the song yearns for another child (i.e. “All that she wants is another baby”.) Oy vey such wicked right wing propaganda! Evil incarnate!

Read the article for yourself here.

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Ace of Base – Evil Incarnate!

The third instance of liberal cancer was a superficial act of altruism I experienced with a baby boomer woman at a store checkout. My young son was begging for a candy bar, like all young children do, and my personal parenting policy is to not feed their desire for immediate gratification. I told him no, and explained that he would get plenty of candy over the Easter holiday. The well-meaning, but injudicious boomer lady, after hearing me tell him no, leaned over and quietly asked if I minded if she bought him a candy bar. I give credit where it is due. She had the tact to ask. But the indulgent mindset she demonstrated, along with a subtle disrespect for my parental authority, is symptomatic of a broader cultural phenomenon. This woman may not identify as a liberal, but few people in Weimerica hold truly conservative values anymore.

In earlier essays I’ve written, I’ve pointed out the destructive nature of hyper-individualism, and that is the well from which the liberal mind springs forth. But in recent decades, there has been a subtle transformation of the Western liberal mind. I used the term “singularity” for a reason when I joked about the nexus of events that has occurred. A few years ago I watched a documentary on the topic of the “human singularity theory,” based on the writings of futurist (((Raymond Kurzweil))). This theory did not originate through him, but he has recently championed it in his book titled The Singularity is Near.

The theory goes something like this: We are approaching a technological revolution where biology and machine will converge, and the human mind can interface with computers and the essence of the mind can literally exist inside a computer and transcend the limitations of biology. Sort of like backing up a hard drive, the biological brain will be copied, and the essence of the individual will be captured forever. Kurzweil implies that this is somehow the reason for our existence, to achieve the singularity and achieve what amounts to immortality and a sort of elevated level of consciousness, infinite and eternal.

Hyper-individualism. Can you even conceive of a more individualistic idea than this? A dream of something more narcissistic and self absorbed? He essentially suggests that we will become Gods. Not surprising from the mind of a (((liberal))).

But he does have a point. Humanity is becoming ever more dependent on digital technology. It infiltrates every aspect of our lives. It is no longer just a tool, it is incorporating into our natural systems and literally changing our brains. It may even be plausible that such a singularity is inevitable. But is it desirable? Is this possible outcome the ultimate achievement of virtue or is it the literal end of humanity?

The three occurrences I introduced at the beginning taken as individual events don’t mean much. There will always be selfish women who don’t want kids. There will always be people who enable hyper-individualistic behavior. A candy bar will not kill my son, but taken in broader view of things, the values of self indulgence, pleasure seeking, and narcissism that are taught by our society eventually lead to a moral decay – that is another darker kind of “singularity.” A singularity of soulless decadence.

In that documentary on Kurzweil that I mentioned, a little insight was shed on this man and the motivations for his theories. He lost his father 40 years ago, and he wishes to bring him back to life through artificial intelligence. I’m sure this is a genuine desire to be reunited with his father. But deep down, this is a troubling example of the purest form of individualism expressed in a single man’s obsessions. The need to be God, to play God, and indulge in one’s own desires without thought of the consequences for others.

This is the liberal mind. Now fire your retro-rockets full throttle before you get too close and it sucks you in.

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Crush the Urbanite – End the Singularity!


  1. As to the picture of the dyke, up top, I find it interesting that the ideas in her head give her an appearance uncannily similar to those of Bolshevik NKVD men, during the Stalinist Time of the 1920s and 1930s.

    The humanity is so absent, that, in order not to be destroyed by it, you have to alternatives with this sort – segregate from it or kill it.