Moldylocks: Trashy Villain & Tragic Victim

Over the Easter holiday weekend, a pro-Trump rally turned violent (again) in Berkeley, California as smelly antifa agitators confronted pro free speech demonstrators adorned in MAGA hats. Reports from the melee all seem to concur that antifa was soundly beaten and embarrassed. Good news for the various iterations of white and civic nationalism that convened for the rally.

As usually occurs with these demonstrations, a person or event gains notoriety (for good or ill) when a trained camera captures an act of heroism or cowardice. In this case, a pathetic creature named Emily Rose Nauert (aka Venus Rosales aka Louise Rosealma) from the affluent Thousand Oaks, California area was filmed taking a right hook from an Alt-Right supporter.

We all know the type of woman she represents. Wackjob feminist, most likely gaslit by a college professor in a gender studies course. She had posted on her Facebook profile that she planned to acquire “100 Nazi Scalps.” All she got was a concussion and a thorough doxxing that uncovered her online history as a “hairy bush” fetish porn “star.” I use the word “star” very loosely here. In today’s pozzed culture, any meth addicted prostitute can subsidize her drug habit by uploading amateur porn to the web.

But a darker picture unfolded of this unkept, dreadlock wearing anarchist when teams of Alt-Right activists dug into her online history. Only a couple of years ago, most likely before starting college or becoming snared in drug culture, she was an attractive, manicured, and quite frankly, lovely blonde teenager who could have been “the girl next door.”

It is low hanging fruit to bantz the cancerous creature she has become. I want to take some time to seriously and even sympathetically examine how everything must have gone terribly wrong with this young woman who could have had the world at her fingertips.

Let’s not let the pictures from her past fool us. Just because she conformed to traditional standards of beauty, this does not mean she conformed to traditional standards of femininity. Certainly not for the right reasons. It is illogical to conclude that a girl raised with traditional values would somehow do a 180 just because she took a feminist college class. There must have been some seeds of discontent already planted before she even had her 18th birthday.

Before I go further, take this analysis with a grain of salt. I do not know this woman. I do not know a thing about her as an individual. I only know what she represents. There are literally hundreds of thousands of entitled, spoiled, special snowflakes just like her across this once great nation. Victims of the “Decline,” they do not have the capacity to understand the machinations that set them on their life course of destruction.

So I am going to work with some assumptions. First, information uncovered on this woman indicates she is from the Thousand Oaks suburb of Los Angeles. This is one of the most affluent communities in California – the median home price is around $669,500 and Thousand Oaks was ranked the fourth-safest among cities with a population greater than 100,000 in the United States by the FBI’s 2013 Uniform Crime Reports. The medium income in this area is over 100K and it’s 80% white.

While I’m sure there maybe some (big maybe) poor single mothers who raise their children there, chances are that she had a father’s paycheck subsidizing her life in some way (i.e. she’s either a spoiled daddy’s girl or the product of divorce). Either way, girls like this are never taught accountability or how to delay gratification, and are raised to be narcissistic self-absorbed thots.

Young women like this are prime targets for the (((media and entertainment complex))) to mold into dutiful corporate consumers. Thousands of dollars a year spent on make-up, hair and nails, Pilates classes, personal trainers, shoes, purses and clothes bought in designer boutiques. The fashion magazines they grow up reading teach them to value the material, everything that feeds their ego and satisfies their cravings for indulgence. And at the core of these girls’ fantasies is the dream that they will be sexy and beautiful enough to catch the eye of a handsome, well-to-do man of power and prestige. A Disney Prince Charming who’ll be able to meet the expectations that her rich father set for her. At some point in their life, often during their college years, a young woman like this will realize that pretty women are a dime a dozen, rich men are hard to come by, and life seldom pans out as you dreamt as a child.

In an odd sort of way, our tragic antifa porn actress became “redpilled.” Unfortunately, her redpill conclusions are clouded by the selfish brainwashing she has endured. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful, feminine and attractive. There is nothing wrong with make-up, cute shoes, or manicured nails. There isn’t even anything wrong with wanting to be romanced by a man with a future. The problem is that women are desiring these things for the wrong reasons. It’s all about having a man to spoil them. It’s all about having the dream home, the expensive car, money for traveling and dining out, wild nights in the California party scene with expensive wine and other decadent vices.

I’ve written in the past about the “god-of-self” cult that our individualist corporate America has created. The traditionalist minded man rejects this ethos and embraces selflessness, humility, family and community. Our antifa girl may have thought about children at some point in her upbringing, but undoubtedly she now considers children to be “parasites” which would hinder her ambitions of self indulgence and hedonism.

This mentality is the source of the cancer which fostered the tragedy of Moldylocks. It isn’t a stretch of the imagination that at some point in the recent past, this victim of ZOG embraced a sort of nihilism about her rootless soulless life. Does this sound familiar? Many men and traditionalist women in the Alt-Right have discussed the same nihilism ad infinitum. It embarked us on our own course of political activism. Fortunately for us, we are not hindered by the narcissism and lack of identity that women such as this are weighted down by.

Consider this, in an odd sort of way her rejection of the material and aesthetic is an (admittedly) odd method of becoming more modest, less obsessed with beauty and superficial things. Most of us in the traditionalist aspect of the movement are compelled by rejecting the material and superficial as well. Is it an accident of fate that we share this value with “Antifa Girl”?

I suggest that it is not an accident and that we are in fact drawing similar conclusions to the same problem. But instead of embracing the traditional, the pure, and the wholesome, Moldylocks has sunk so deep into her hedonism that she rejects all values that might be imposed upon her, which in turn, would force her to confront her own narcissism. She rejects the “patriarchy”, for in her mind it is us white men who created the “Decline.” Her lack of self awareness prevents her from seeing that she’s actually sinking ever deeper into modernity’s despair and may never be able to fully recover.

In conclusion, it was very tempting for me to mourn the loss of an outwardly pretty young lady to the commie influences of feminism and multiculturalism. But her current form of cancer is no better than the one she most certainly grew up with. At the very least, she has become like the poisonous spider or snake that warns its victim with bright red markings. Her future won’t be as a gold digger that gets tossed aside for a prettier woman when her youth wanes and she’s no longer adequate as a “trophy.” Some sucker has been spared the nightmare of a maxed out credit card and a closet full of purses and shoes. Tragically, she will probably wind up pregnant with Tyrone’s baby and will turn to her lesbian girlfriends for support and comfort. That is if she’s not doomed to a life as a prostitute and meth addiction.

A lot of suppositions and assumptions made here? Yes. But the die is cast for many women just like her. The only way out is through the traditional values of white identity and patriarchy. And for those of us in the Alt-South we know what that score entails.



  1. This whole thing reminds me of moving to the Big City and slowly realizing that the Dreddy tattooed chicks were exactly the same vapid white girls who loved Jesus and America in my home town, they were just conforming to a slightly different set of local social standards.

    1. At least the dreddy tattooed ones can’t pretend to be waiting for the right man so you date while they secretly bang Chad behind your back.

      After trying to “date” church girls that kept stringing me along, I took the liberal hippy and red pilled her myself.

  2. It’s hard to look at, but, she’s searching for herself, and we can only hope that she lands right.

    The fist in the face may have sobered her up a bit, as most women do not shake such a thing off so easily as a man.