What is a Dixian: An Update on Dixian Identity

An adequate means of defining ourselves is needed for at least three reasons:

  • to shore up our own racial and ethnic identity in uncuckable terms among our own people
  • to explain to other American whites who we are and why we are a separate nation
  • to explain to the rest of the world how we are different from the other Americans.

It has been almost six months since I got The Dixian People of the American South published on therightstuff.biz. I presented the racial and ethnic identifier Dixian as a favorable alternative to Southerner for multiple reasons. One reason for the new name was that identifying as Southerners is a terrible way to frame the language for an identitarian or secessionist movement as it is US-centric rather than Dixie-centric. It had escaped my mind at the time but in the Golden Circle context we would be the North rather than the South anyway. If the first step is to secede in our minds (and I think it is), then the second step is to secede in our language, both in speech and in writing. One could argue that seceding in our minds and seceding in our language are both one and the same step, but at the very least we can say that seceding in language follows immediately after seceding in our minds.

Another main reason for the proposed name Dixian was that the term Southerner is too vague and too easily expanded to include others that have not traditionally been considered Southerners. What is and isn’t a Southerner is wide open to get reinterpreted by anyone wishing to usurp or sabotage the identity. At the time I expressed doubt about whether the name Southerner could even be saved from cuckfederates (and their negro Confederate deities that save them from the imagined sin of racism) coupled with the attacks from our enemies on the Left who will certainly try to redefine our identity for us, especially once our movement gains more steam.

On one level we are fighting against memes like the one above which attempt to unlink the word Southerner from its traditionally implied whiteness and on another level we have disagreement over which whites qualify as Southerners. It is impractical to try to screen out every person who has the slightest detectable degree of non-British admixture. As far as I know, I might not pass that test.

The most apparent solution is for Anglo-Celtic Southerners to identify as Dixians while other groups continue to identify as they please. People can argue about what counts as Southerner all they like, but once secession is behind us and sovereignty internationally recognized, talk of Southerners and the South will probably only be relevant in a historical context, so that makes the question of who is and isn’t a Southerner much less important going forward.

Originally, I meant Dixian to be fully synonymous and interchangeable with Southerner, but with so little control over what is considered a Southerner, I now think it should be promoted as a certain kind of Southerner. We might think of the word Southerner as an umbrella term that meets some needs but at other times may be laid aside for more specific identities. It has gotten us this far, but at some point we should shed it in order to progress further.

When I first proposed the term Dixian people I defined it as follows:

Also called Southerners (esp. when affixed with “unreconstructed”), Southern people, Dixians, Dixie people, Dixie nation, Confederates. A European-derived, Christian nation and ethnic group native to Dixie, biologically descended primarily from the British and Scots-Irish peoples who settled the region during the Colonial Period and Plantation Era, who remain distinct from other branches of the British diaspora and without significant admixture from African or Amerindian races. Ethnic Dixians speak their own widely recognized dialect of the English language and retain other cultural distinctions apart from the North Midlands and East Anglia derived cultures of North America.

After further reflection, nearly six months of testing in the wild, and in light of recent debate over what kinds of whites are Southerners, I am proposing an updated definition:

Also called Southerners (esp. when affixed with “unreconstructed”), Southern people, Dixians, Dixie people, Dixie nation, Confederates, Anglo-Celtic core South. A Christian nation and ethnic group native to Dixie, biologically descended primarily from the British and Scots-Irish peoples who settled the region during the Colonial Period and Plantation Era, who remain distinct from other British diasporas such as the East Anglia and North Midlands diasporas to the Northeast and Midwest, distinct from other European diasporas, and without significant admixture from non-European races. Ethnic Dixians speak their own widely recognized dialect of the English language.

The changes are:

  • inclusion of Anglo-Celtic core South as a synonym
  • omission of European-derived (becomes redundant with other changes)
  • replacement of other branches of the British diaspora with other British diasporas
  • addition of distinct from other European diasporas
  • replacement of African or Amerindian races with non-European races
  • replacement of retain other cultural distinctions apart from the North Midlands and East Anglia derived cultures of North America with such as the East Anglia and North Midlands diasporas to the Northeast and Midwest and moving it to just after who remain distinct from other British diasporas to form a logically ordered series.

These changes make the following improvements:

  • doubles down on our (mostly) Anglo-Celtic racial origin to form an extra barrier of protection against expanding inclusivity as seen with the word Southerner
  • speaks of British diasporas as plural rather than singular to better reflect the migration patterns from different points of origin in Britain to different destinations rather than random migration from Britain to America
  • excludes all sources of non-European admixture besides just Amerind and African
  • specifying Northeast and Midwest explains in less esoteric terms what is meant by East Anglia and North Midlands diasporas.

As with the original definition, the updated definition:

  • permits wiggle room for persons of significant admixture with other European races
  • permits wiggle room for persons with minute levels of admixture with non-European races
  • emphasizes identifiable groups over individual level racial composition
  • centers our identity around our race rather than our failed war for independence or any ideology like states’ rights or natural rights
    • It therefore does not matter one whit how many Jews, negroes and Indians sided with the CSA or how long they have lived in the South.
    • Centering our identity on our race rather than Confederate history also steers us away from the rut of dwelling on what might have been and toward visions of what may be.
  • claims Dixian English in a positive sense as our own national dialect rather than letting it be branded as bad English.

Defining Dixian as explicitly Anglo-Celtic and separate from other whites currently living in the South is likely to elicit some accusations of “purity spiraling” and sayings such as “there is no pure race ” but we must hold some kind of standard and it is impossible to draw a meaningful standard that does not aggrieve somebody. Dixian is defined to permit a little bit of wiggle room, but at some point someone will have to make the decision of how Dixian is Dixian enough to get to be a recognized member of the Dixian nation. That is a hard question, but there is no escape except to throw up our hands and accept deracination. We do not have to make that decision today, but somebody will have to make that decision someday.

One option is to divide Dixian identity into fractions where some may be >99% Dixians all the way down to whatever critical minimum we apply for citizenship. If we adopt this method then there is no need for the wiggle room factored into the definition above. A pure Dixian would be >99% descended from the British and Scots-Irish settlers to the area prior to Lincoln’s War, or at least genetically within those parameters as per DNA tests. This method would be quite doable given today’s rapidly advancing technology and from a purely logical standpoint is the most straightforward way to go about stewarding our race, but most people would be uneasy about standardized testing to assign a racial score (for themselves, but not for others). Perhaps I am unduly pessimistic in this regard, but my proposed definition above presupposes that the masses will not accept this method. If I am wrong then we only need to remove the keywords primarily and significant.

Decisions do not have to be made in terms of an all-or-none dichotomy. We could apply different standards for staying in Dixie vs immigrating to Dixie. We could also give some people a free pass for citizenship if they contribute in some significant way to the Dixian Reclamation. We could selectively graft in *small numbers* of other Europeans such as top physicists, chemists, engineers and businessmen who would contribute great wealth and power to our nation while only leaving a very small genetic footprint (and much of that small footprint would be desirable due to their genetic endowments).

There is no reason why Dixians should not seek mutually beneficial alliances with other racial groups, and the question of sovereignty for Acadiana is on the table for debate. If there is sufficient momentum for Cajun sovereignty, then Cajuns may have a homeland called Acadiana wherein to pursue their Cajun racial and cultural interests.

I can only suspect that a sovereign Cajun people with full control of Acadiana would:

  • declare Catholicism as their official national religion
  • begin a process to phase in French as their official language, even if it takes decades to fully implement
  • favor repatriating Cajun and racially French immigrants over others
  • declare national holidays relative to their own culture, such as Mardi Gras

I suspect that a sovereign Dixian people would:

  • declare Baptist, generic Protestantism, or Christianity in general (but definitely not Catholicism itself) as the official national religion
  • declare English the official language, probably with a movement to formalize a Dixian Standard dialect as the national standard
  • favor repatriating Dixian and British race immigrants over others
  • declare our own national holidays, not including Mardi Gras

These are four fights we don’t have to have if we don’t try to squeeze multiple nations into one. I would expect many more examples to come to light once the rubber met the road in the real world. The least we can say, and the most important point for now is that we are separate peoples with separate identities regardless of how future political boundaries fall.

The Cuban Question should probably be handled separately since they do have an island whose name they bear and that they used to claim they wanted to go back to someday. But again, the least we can say is that Cubans and Dixians are different peoples, even if some people consider Cubans to be Southerners.

Our relationships with other groups are all on the table for future discussion. Alliances may be possible with some but we must never let an outgroup define our identity for us just like we must never let an outgroup tell us what our values are.


  1. This is a very interesting article, and highly reflective of a deep search.

    If we are discussing the theoretical plain, solely, then this would work very very well.

    If we are discussing the practical applications of politicks, however, such a highly specialized criteria will present innumerable problems to those very Dixians this highly evolved definition purports to benefit.

    The exceedingly well considered list you present, of those traditional Southerners to be excepted from the definition of ‘Dixian’, is so massive in number, that it will augment this well-meant designation with such a stench that it will be considered by many, those who actually, eventually, hear it, as an epithet.

    There is a better place for you to place your very considerable political energies, and that is focusing on strategies to get more and more Southerners, of any type, to advocate for the kind of society that naturally repels those who do not wish to be in our midst.

    Examples of such are…

    #1. Supporting anti-LGBT legislation – the repeal of Gay marriage

    #2. Anti-Transgender laws

    #3. Supporting the overturning of Roe vs. Wade

    #4. Supporting pray in school.

    There are more, but, in helping to make these things come true, you will help to gain Southern Independence because scalawags and Yankees will flee, (Northerners did not flock down here during the days of Jim Crow) which, in turn, will give those ‘Dixians’ yet more in-state electoral power to push other agendae forward, which someone, such as your self, might wish, but, which cannot be considered before we get to that step.

    Also, doing these things makes you much harder to attack and defeat in publick, as The Yankee Empire will do to any proposal that seeks to undermine their Master Nation concept of themselves.

    By focusing on extreme racial precision, you not only make yourself an easy target, you enter into an arena for which most folks don’t care – that of the self-image as reflected through ancestral evolution.

    Whatever your attempts to liberate Dixians are, they must work with how people are today, and people, today, as they were in my childhood, are all about themselves, now, not great-great-great-great-great-great granddaddy, oh, so long ago.