Helicopter Mom – Episode 11: An Episode on Fatherhood with Doc Savage

Helicopter Mom is a Christian and Traditionalist podcast. This week your hosts are Julia, Madeleine, intern Evelyn, and guest Doc Savage of Mysterium Fasces. Rachel could not make it.

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Tell us about yourself Doc


What is traditionalism

Tradition a tradition because it works

Adapt the old ways to meet the needs of the modern world

Distinction between logic and practice

KER (doc is a little nerdy)

Also, Lord of the Rings are not casual reading.

How to temper workaholism in men

Men have a natural sense of pride and ownership…..corporations take advantage

Dad’s role in pregnancy?

A dad’s role in general

Role in the household


How to teach the holocaust redpill style

Cult of america


Children learn genders through instinct and observing their parents


Create rituals and pass them on to your children

Coming of age

Christianity is a jewish conspiracy

What advice to young college aged single guy

You’ve already invested in college, make the most of it

Consider the military


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One comment

  1. So many things to agree with, here.

    Two things to disagree with, however, and that is Christianity. It’s not a ‘Jewish Conspiracy’, but The Lord giving wayward people he chose one last chance to get right.
    Furthermore, Pastor Weaver of The League of the South recently realized a fantastically scholarly series, called, (I think) Jew, Christianity and Judeo-Christianity, where he used scripture to show that Christ was not Jewish,; that this is a case of mistaken identity.

    He also pointed out, as he has done on many occasion, that there can be no such thing as ‘Judeo-Christianity, as Christianity is a refutation of Judaism.

    The Lord blesst The White Gentile Race because they answered the call. Becoming anti-Christian, like Yankees, is not solution. It is no accident that The South is the greatest place in this country to be, because He loves us for loving His Son, and trying to keep His laws.

    Lastly, I would agree that our kids ought try the military, if it were Southern Confederate under our flag, but, the fact it is ordered about by Yankees and Jews would be the worst possible thing for a young Southern Man.

    And, yes, Southerners have got to let go of ‘the cult of America’. It’s simply too expensive to hold.

    Anyway – God bless!