No Surrender to the Syrian Snafu

The blackpill. Most seasoned readers will understand that phrase, but for those who aren’t initiated in the jargon of the Alt-Right (or Alt-South) movement, it means that we have to swallow some bitter medicine.

We said all along that we understood Trump was not /ourguy/. He was simply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and a vehicle to open the national dialogue in our favor. Certainly we have come a long way. We can still credit Trump for helping to cement our movement of ideas and a springboard for recruiting. But in the wake of the Syrian missile strike (and now talks of regime change) we can no longer depend on him for anything that he promised during his campaign.

With that in mind, I believe the Alt-Right needs to set our sights on long-term goals unrelated to Current Year politics. Don’t disconnect. Don’t disassociate. Don’t retreat. That’s the same cowardice that put this country in its current predicament. We must double down and move forward deliberately and intelligently.

Identity Dixie’s mission is Southern Nationalism and the unique values that emboldened men like Robert E Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest to confront tyranny so many years ago. Nathan Bedford Forrest is a particularly important figure for us to learn lessons from. We should also be emboldened by men such as Frank and Jesse James, who continued to wreak havoc for many years after the war ended.

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I won’t go into Forrest’s many campaigns during the War of Northern Aggression or his guerrilla cavalry “Partisan Brigades,” though we would do well to learn from the latter. Instead, perhaps Forrest is most famous (or “infamous” as shitlib dogma would have us believe) for his early role in leading the Klu Klux Klan. Despite a humiliating defeat, Forrest pressed on with the values he led so many honorable Confederate cavalrymen to defend.

The KKK was the first iteration of White Nationalism in the post-war South and those were far different times. Those early nationalists were resentful of the devastating defeat they had suffered, but more importantly the humiliating occupation and demands of the vengeful American Empire and used tactics that can’t be condoned today. But their general advocacy of separation for white and black communities was completely rational and for that, they should be recognized. So for Forrest and his followers, losing the War didn’t end their fight, it simply shifted it in a new direction.

But Forrest can also be held as an example of what can happen when one becomes too blackpilled. He eventually faced so much pressure as a prominent Confederate figure that he renounced the activities of the Klan. Even a man of honor such as Nathan Bedford Forrest can be cucked. Let his shame be your motivation.

Frank and Jesse James are well known for their role as outlaws targeting white abolitionist Radical Republicans during the post war years. During the war they had defied their oath of allegiance to the Union militia and had joined the pro-Confederate irregulars known as the Bushwhackers. When the war ended, they spent their remaining days robbing banks owned by Union sympathizers and continuing to fight the government that was openly hostile to them.

Their legacy is our legacy, because despite their failure to defeat the American Empire, their uphill battles still reverberate even today. Would the Alt-Right movement have any legs in 2017 if our forefathers had not lit that torch for us to carry? The issues of their day are the issues of our day. They had a duty to posterity to fight for the interests of their people then, and that duty is no different for us in the here and now.

Donald Trump’s weakness in the face of (((neoconservatism))) need not blackpill a man who honors the sacrifices of his ancestors. We MUST press on!



  1. “…I believe the Alt-Right needs to set our sights on long-term goals unrelated to Current Year politics…We must double down and move forward deliberately and intelligently.”


  2. Forest didn’t disavow the Klan due to pressure, he did so because they became more concerned with racial separation than southern nationalism. So he left, the Klan used to fight to defend the southern people, under Forest they even saved a black farmer from haveing his farm taken by a northern carpet bagger. But the KKK became more interesting in attacking people who had no connection to their oppressors . Forest didn’t want anything to do with em anymore. And neither do I. The south don’t need em and the whites don’t need em either.

      1. No, not a cuck. He just didn’t think attacking blacks served and real purpose, and I must agree. In the beginning the Klan would drive out corrupt scallywag politicians. They used to make a difference, help folks. He was ashamed of what they turned into.

      2. So what you are saying here is that a civil war general who fought a brother war and killed other white men in the name of preserving southern sovereignty and defending the institution of slavery all of a sudden did a 180 and started defending blacks because “muh feels.”

        You do know that he was called to testify before congress on the goings on in the Klan and that’s when he cucked and disavowed. That sounds like “succumbing to pressure” to me.

      1. From slave trader to humanitarian…quite a turnaround.
        Almost sounds like a (((myth)))

  3. That he was but apparently he had very high standards for who he sold to. He wouldent sell slaves to anyone the thought might abuse them he also apparently treated his own slaves quite well. So we’ll in fact that even after freeing one slave who had gone to war with him the former slave chose to stay and fight along side him.

    1. This can be said of most slave owners. I own a dog, and I would not give my dog or a puppy from a litter to someone I thought would treat the dog inhumanely.

      This still does not refute the statement that Forrest was pressured to renounce the activities of the Klan by northern imperialists, which is objectively true, nor does it imply that Forrest was in favor of race mixing and egalitarianism. He simply did not have any fight left in him, and to live peacefully under Northern occupation during Reconstruction, prominent civil war figures had to toe the line.

      1. He didn’t favore race mixing nor was he an egalitarian, no one was at that time. However he didn’t see any point to attacking blacks who weren’t otherwise doing anything wrong so when the KKK started doing that he left.

  4. What folks are not thinking about is that The Holy Ghost seized Forrest, in later years, and he became born again.

    If you have never experienced that, you have no idea how that changes you.

  5. Something that White Nationalists, this day and age, have difficulty comprehending is that hatred of Negroes was rare back in antebellum times, because either they worked for you or you were segregated from them, and gave them little thought.

    In NC, the Whites who most often disliket Negroes were those working class Whites who felt very gippt by Plantation owners contracting out their artesan niggers at a fare that undercut their ability to compete.

    The very same thing that goes on today, in 3rd World outsourcing American jobs.

    1. Evidently you don’t completely understand white nationalism if you think it’s about hating negroes. No offense, you may identify as white nationalist but I reject the idea that it’s about hate. Or ever was.

      1. No, Spencer, I well understand White Nationalism. Unfortunately, I have been around a lot of White Nationalist Yankees who simply cannot understand it if you don’t agree to hate Negroes.

        So, in theory, you are right, but, in practice, no.

        Furthermore, White Nationalism is just as abominable as is Jewish Bolshevism or One World Order stuff, in that it obliviates tre distinctions in Whites.

        Scotland and Ireland have fought England for centuries to maintain their culture, just as has the South fought The North for two centuries.

        The notion of White Southerners united with White Northerners, as a whole, defeats and destroys our whole heritage – just as does this blasted ‘union.’

        I believe in the Southern White Race, and it’s supremacy over it’s lands – NOT the White Race.

        Anyway, that’s my two cents – Southern Nationalism NOT to be confused with White Nationalism, though, at times, they can seem sympathetick.