The Miscegenation Case Study: The Dangers of Hyper-Individualism

Since the election of Donald Trump I have noticed that the activities of the “Alt-Right” (which is basically an amalgamation of identitarian politics, “MGTOW”, anti-feminism, and traditionalism; emboldened by online shitlords and trolls) have been reverting back to their pre-election nature. I myself have been doing a lot more pointless shitposting and not enough meaningful activism. This is understandable though, as the democratic process is currently at a stalemate.

Indulging in my inclination to troll, I recently decided to “mudsharkpost.” I created a profile of a young and aspiring black male rapper on a free dating site, and targeted white women with aggressive messages. My purpose was to find the mudshark and shame her, or alternatively, drop redpills in order to give her pause to reflect on the choices she’s made. Even if my trolling did not accomplish anything else, I valued what I learned from it.

But this article is not really about mudsharks or thots. The damage they do to our civilization is well documented and trolling them will not solve the greater problem – the greater problem is the worship of SELF and the culture of hyper-individualism.

Allow me to briefly describe one interaction and the intellectual processes that inspired me to write this article. Finding obvious mudsharks is easy on dating websites. White women who procreate with black men send signals in their dress, hairstyles, general appearance and language. People use visual cues to signal to those we wish to mate with. Attractive, feminine, clean, fit, and well groomed women with traditional style do not generally “burn coal.” My mission was to uncover the rare one who did. These are the women in our race that most concern me. They are the well-bred women of good genetic stock, and they are traitors of the worst kind.

I happened upon one profile that did not have public pictures and her bio was coy, indicating a desire for a fling. She said nothing about her preferences, but I took a stab at her and messaged her with an aggressive ghetto tier proposition. Her reply was thus, “you read my mind and know exactly what I’m looking for!” On a side note, this woman has a Masters degree and listed her occupation as “attorney.” Unsurprisingly, she was also childless.

She then proceeded to send me photos to the email I provided her. It was immediately blackpilling to see her pictures. Knowing that she was educated and a professional, seeing a blonde haired, blue eyed, cream complexion woman of 30, the chameleon appearance of a girl-next-door college coed type, was really jarring. It would be a stretch to say she was a “10”, but I imagine that if I had met this woman under different circumstances I would have found her very appealing.

I will spare the details from the interaction. Needless to say she was looking to soil herself and be thrilled by the “dirtiness” of sex with a hood rat subhuman. I did prod to find out that her mother had raised her alone, but she was too self absorbed to reflect on the damage this had done. For the professional, desirable, well-to-do white woman, the world is her oyster bar and she need not feel compelled to examine her choices or face the consequences of her actions. Get pregnant? No problem…have an abortion. She disclosed that she hated white men. But oh no, her hatred could never be traced back to psychological damage from childhood. She’s a grown educated woman, how dare anyone question her motivations!

Which leads us to draw some conclusions about Western Civilization and the cancer of individualism. Let’s not get hung up on this woman, as she is just a cog in an evermore damaged, inefficient, degraded machine that is due to crash any day now.

There is this myth that the bedrock of Western Civilization is individualism. That myth is hogwash. The ethos of the individual did not take root until the “enlightenment,” when libertine virtues were extolled by philosophers. The centuries that followed have been a very gradual shift from collectivist to individualist moorings. For most of that period, homogeny of culture persisted, and individualism was rather harmless. Individualism within the confines of a tribe can be managed. A natural pressure exists that inclines the individual toward pursuits that benefit the tribe because it builds social capital. However, when (((Marxism, Multiculturalism and Globalism))) were released upon mankind, the white tribe became rootless and all that was left was nihilism and hyper-individualism.

Image result for The Nihilist by Paul Merwart
The Nihilist by Paul Merwart (1882)

My mudshark “friend” is a tragic victim of that reality, a reality that has reached a crescendo in our time. Her hatred for white men is a symptom of her rootless existence. Her pursuit of meaningless hedonism is a symptom of her nihilism. She is a tragedy as an individual, and the sum total of mudsharks and thots in our society marks perhaps the single most devastating blow in the cancer that plagues Western Civilization.

Allow me to take this opportunity to explore the conflict between individualism and collectivism further, and explain how the meaning of SOCIALISM has been poorly defined and misunderstood by modern westerners. Burn this idea into your mind, COLLECTIVISM AND SOCIALISM ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

For this discussion, we will understand socialism to be the modern western implementation of an ever growing state apparatus through which the enforcement of egalitarianism and the welfare state is accomplished. We must recognize that this system is a reaction to hyper-individualism, a gauze applied to stop the bleeding and maintain the failing, imploding, and fundamentally doomed ethos of individualism. A gauze that is saturated and no longer able to stabilize the wound.

At the beginning I cited the myth that Western Civilization was founded on individualism. Western Civilization can be traced back to the moment when hunter-gatherers who lived a tenuous existence discovered that collectivizing their efforts benefited the survival of the tribe. Those early people developed agriculture and specialized trades that filled niches created by the needs of the collective. As far as individualism goes, it only existed to encourage the talents of the individual that benefited the tribe. The hedonistic symptoms of that individualism grew from the prosperity that collectivism created. Men found themselves with idle time through which to pursue pleasures unrelated to survival. Still, it was well understood by our ancestors that poverty and famine were ever present threats, and hedonism, sloth, gluttony, greed and lust were intolerable to the collective.

You see, humans are really more akin to colonizing insects by nature than we are to lower primates. Darwinian evolution dictated that our species learn to be cooperative creatures. Lower primates exhibit all of the individualistic qualities that humans have evolved to suppress. Apes horde food selfishly, they do not share when there is scarcity. Apes violently attack other apes out of jealousy, greed, and spite. They steal and hide resources. Some are slothful and behave parasitically unless other apes banish them from the group. Access to females is limited to alphas, so sexual resources are not collectivized either.

This behavior seen in primates would surely destroy a colony of insects. Bees would die off if workers failed to gather food and fight off enemies. Infertility would kill the colony if male ants chose other males instead of impregnating the queen. Surely a feminist queen would drive off males in a termite mound and the colony would die in short order. Colonizing insects do not invite other colonies to join them either. There is only one queen and her progeny, and her colony will fight to the death to defend itself from infiltration.

Civilization is the maintenance of collectivism and the enforcement of social codes which prevent individualism from corrupting the social framework. Socialism in the modern context only serves to enable the corruption of individualism and allow it to persist and spread like cancer cells. Socialism is the antithesis of collectivism.

Our mudshark friend is the logical conclusion of several centuries of hyper-individualism and the consequences of socialism. She is a goddess unto herself and nothing anyone can say or do will change her. She is the destroyer of Western Civilization.

Do not let this blackpill you. There is hope. This house of cards will collapse any day now. Be prepared to volunteer to teach in the re-education camps.

Thomas Couture. Romans of the Decadence (1847). You know what followed next


  1. Speaking of ‘hyper-individualism’, I saw an interesting artifact, about a year back.
    It was Bolshevik made, for Germany, and in German, and was from the 1920s.

    In it, it recommended to all burgeoning German Socialist parties to help foster a society where people were involved with substance abuse and sex, as that made it easier for them to control.

    And, concerning the ‘mudshark individualist’, she is, as well as a society oriented to ‘hyper-individualism- a product of one devoted to pornography, as that, like drug abuse, trains people to grow more and more fixated on finding new taboos to break.

    It’s difficult to overestimate the extent to which pornography is, at present, influencing this society, for the worse.

    Naturally, the deracination of The South, which The Carolina Klan fought so hard against when I was a kid, is a big contributor, as well.