The Iron Law of Infiltration

Allow me to introduce the Iron Law of Infiltration:

  1. Those who can, create; those who can’t, infiltrate.
  2. The greater the creation, the more attractive it will be to infiltrators.
  3. Initial infiltration (often undetected or dismissed as trivial) usually encourages more infiltration, creating a “snowball” or “leaky dam” effect.
  4. Once infiltration reaches a critical threshold, there is a catastrophic convergence.

That’s exactly how chain immigration works. Those who can, build a great society, while those who can’t, immigrate–and help their cousins get in. It works the same way whether we are talking about race or any other disqualifier and whether we are talking about nations, churches, clubs, or corporations. It’s still the same pattern: Those who can, create; those who can’t, infiltrate.

If you don’t believe churches work that way, then just look at Russell Moore. He obviously is not the caliber of man to have pioneered the denomination, but he was a successful infiltrator that has doubtless ushered in even more infiltrators in his wake. The same goes for any organization, national governance, or whatever. Things are pioneered by great men but after they are successful (and usually after the pioneers are dead) there come along infiltrators whose top skills in life are climbing the ladder and networking skills which usually involve the wrong kind of networking.

The infiltrators eventually dominate the creation in what Vox Day has called a convergence. Vox seems to focus on SJW convergence, but whether we consider them SJWs or not, and no matter what ethnic group they are, they do the same behavior of infiltration and eventual convergence, even if it takes centuries.

It does not matter if the brown hordes of the world are trying to crash our civilization or not; it only matters that that is the result. Where SJWs may be motivated by their mental illness that devotes them to the Narrative, the brown hordes coming to white countries may be motivated by nothing more than their group genetic interests. They may come for “a better life” or as “refugees” or as “dreamers” but in the end the effect is the same. If we let enough of them in, and let them vote, draw welfare, or impregnate white women, then they will eventually crash our civilization. In fact, it even works the same way with a small minority that simply has a high fertility rate. It doesn’t matter if they are inviting their cousins via chain migration or simply outbreeding us, the womb basically serves as a hole in the border as far as the end result is concerned.

Most readers are probably plenty wise to the immigration bomb, but it also applies to our nationalist orgs and any future constitution we may have. Infiltration is almost always insidious, and convergence is almost always catastrophic. That’s why leaders need to be so vigilant. The initial breach is usually undetected or if detected, dismissed as trivial, but it bites like a snake in the end if not detected and dealt with in time.

It does not matter whether the infiltrators are consciously trying to takeover and destroy or not, it only matters that that is how it plays out if they are not dealt with. Our leaders need to be super vigilant here, both now and in the future. The pressure for our leaders to cuck, and the determination of the infiltrators will only increase over time. That’s right, it only gets worse from here. Right now the pressure to cuck is comparably low and the infiltrators just view us as a bunch of losers and socially poisonous so they countersignal us. But the more we win, the more attractive we will be to infiltrators. They will claim to “believe in our values” or whatever it takes to get their feet in the door but whether somebody claims to believe in something has got to be the flimsiest test that we could possibly apply for admission to an org, a nation-state, or to any position of power.

At some point, if we are successful, we will have a sovereign nation-state and somebody will have to decide who gets to stay and who has to go. All of a sudden, millions of people that used to call us toothless rednecks will instantly “become” some of the most “devoted Southerners” you ever met, will brag of their Confederate veteran ancestors, will practice up on their accents, and will swear allegiance to Dixie. In my opinion, these charlatans likely need millstones tied around their necks, or at least be sterilized in exchange for getting to stay in our nation-state. Either way we must make sure they don’t get to assume power. Of course we’ll never get them all, but if we’re not going to do a purge, then there’s not much point in gaining sovereignty in the first place. Just one successful infiltrator can be the seed of doom. To dismiss them as insignificant is to dismiss a leak in a dam as insignificant.

Musings on Screening Techniques:

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One thing about DNA technology is that it is objective and cannot be faked, except by providing a false sample or false documents. Also, IQ cannot be faked, except by providing false documents, though taking practice tests might give a little bump in somebody’s score.  Another test might be veteran status, or the payment of a mandatory fee. I’m not saying these tests are perfect for screening, and some unrealistic standards might screen out too many qualified people, but they obviously weed out infiltrators better than just claiming to believe in some principle.

It may seem a little much to kick out everybody that did not fight for the Dixian Reclamation, or kick out everybody that does not pass an IQ test, but you can bet they will be ready to claim their rights and run for office as soon as the battle is won. At the very least, if the free Dixian nation-state is to have a hierarchy (it better) then DNA, minimum IQ, and veteran status might be used to screen certain people for entry into certain social classes. One caveat is that while objective genetic and IQ standards, especially when ranked by percentile, cannot be insidiously or covertly compromised, veteran status can. Look no further than today’s affirmative action military, as well as, the rampant “Stolen Valor” incidents to see that veteran status may not always mean what it used to.

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself – what am I doing for (1) the Dixian Reclamation or (2) defeat the dreaded year 2044 (the year whites are projected to be a minority in our own country)?

If the answer is absolutely nothing, you’ll likely need to undergo an extensive screening process.

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