Rebel Yell 209: Charlie Stuart & Hunter Wallace

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken’s Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 60th episode of Rebel Yell, Hunter Wallace, who writes for Occidental Dissent and, joins me to talk to Charlie Stuart of the Thistle and Brier podcast.

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 0:00 Good Ol’ Intro
0:30 Introduction
0:53 Hunter Wallace
1:10 Libertarianism
2:05 Class. Republic
3:07 Ben Constant
3:40 Old Right
4:25 Ben Tucker
7:00 John Locke
8:10 Redbeard
9:00 LA Rollins
10:00 Tacitean
17:30 Tom Woods
17:50 Althusius
19:15 Right to Resist
21:50 Celtic Liberty
22:45 New World
29:15 The Commons
30:40 Conquest Theory
32:20 Norman Yoke
38:20 Tuatha
42:55 Religion
47:30 Libertarianism
52:40 LvMI
53:35 Paleocon
54:05 LRC


58:10 Takimag
58:50 Jeffrey Tucker
59:30 Marijuana
1:04:45 Ginseng
1:07:00 Scott Terry
1:09:25 Curt Doolittle
1:11:35 Patriots
1:13:40 Plutocracy
1:15:25 Mr. Peabody
1:21:55 Civil War
1:24:10 Commonwealth
1:27:55 Sectional Roles
1:33:35 Park System
1:39:35 Gatlinburg Fire
1:43:15 Florida Cracker
1:46:20 Ward Republics
1:49:05 Cult Follows Econ
1:49:50 Tocqueville
1:51:10 Alt-South
1:56:45 Patriarchia
2:05:00 Right of Revolt
2:16:35 1st Irregulars
2:17:10 Twitter & FB
2:18:35 Thistle & Brier
2:18:40 Outro—Good Ol’ Outro


  1. I got mentioned around 1:20:30.
    I never advocated for 60 hr workweeks in place of school for children. I do think it’s great for children to have age appropriate jobs though. I absolutely stand by that. It would normally be at the discretion of the parent but there would ofc be cases of bad parents, so intervention would be necessary in those rare cases. What’s so strange about that? I basically believe what men throughout history right up until, well, really until present for many ppl.