Turf War in the Current Year

Based on the above quote, it looks to me like Cecil Rhodes had a firm grasp on how things work. I don’t know what Cecil may have said before or after this excerpt, but we can see that at least with this sentence, he cuts right to the heart of the matter in no uncertain terms.

The more people grasp things at this level the better. Once you frame arguments on the basis of territorial competition, ie turf war, it does not matter what the crime stats say, what the IQ charts say, what the development indexes of various countries are, etc. Even if all immigrants are effectively vetted, we would still be just giving our country away to alien invaders. When an individual grasps the reality of biological competition between races, he sees the folly in trying to pick out some of the “good ones.”  It matters not one whit that a negro or indio may have never committed a crime because he is still taking up space that could be taken up by one of my own genetic relatives. The only thing that matters is that in the big picture, other races are our biological competitors and each man must decide to either be a traitor or a patriot. Now it is possible that some races could be enslaved to form mutualistic relationships, like man’s relationship with sheep, cattle, horses, dogs, etc. It is also possible that man can mitigate racial competition by various treaties, trade agreements, agreed upon borders, etc. but those are topics for a separate discussion and at best only mitigate or delay the reality of racial competition.

When we see through the lense of biological competition for turf, it doesn’t matter so much whether an alien tribe is “peaceful and hardworking” or not. The point is that – they as tribes – are our biological competitors and they consume land and other resources that could be better consumed by our own tribe. Likewise, I don’t have to prove that they engage in scams and practice pedophilia like the Jews or the Gypsies do. The point is that they are a competing alien tribe living among us and it would be in our best interest to rid ourselves of them once and for all as part of the Dixian Reclamation. Whether or not they are actually parasitic or subversive tribes might rank them in a priority list of who goes first, but we are under no moral obligation to even look beyond their being biological competitors before deciding that they have to go.

In this video of two competing wolf packs, it does not matter which pack was there first, as indeed they were defeated and run off to become refugees wherever they can find a home. We might think of it as “The Trail of Howls.” If they cannot find a home in the park and venture onto private ranch land, they will probably encounter some bullets from a rancher who defends his herd (ie his hunting ground) from invading wolves. I’m sure it really sucks being the loser race and losing your territorial claim like that. That’s why I want to do everything I can to make sure it doesn’t happen to us. I happen to speak Wolf Howl, and I can tell you that the wolves from the winning pack are singing “We Are the Champions” and “This land is for us and our children, not you and yours. Now gtfo, bitches.” They shed not one tear of victor guilt for beating the loser pack. Because they won, their pups will have plenty of food to eat and plenty of room to safely play. The pups will by default inherit the territory bequeathed to them by their conquering ancestors, but their inheritance will mean nothing compared to the fang and the claw of a rival pack.

Like the wolf example, the Canaanites of the Old Testament had to go, before the Israelites could have Israel. Today, in order for the Jews to have more Palestine, they will have to get rid of some Palestinians and vice versa. At the raw biological level the Jew-Palestinian conflict boils down to nothing more than two tribes fighting over the same turf. Likewise, the conquest of North America was nothing more than a turf war between Indians and whites. A lot of Indians had to be gotten rid of before this could become white man’s country with lots of woods for white boys to play in without getting scalped and lots of sprawling farms to produce our crops of tobacco, cotton, and edibles. In order for this to become our country, the Indians had to go. In order for this to become Afro-Mestizoland, we Dixians would have to go. The only decision we have to make is which side we are on.

It is possible that framing our arguments in terms of biological competition might reduce the number of steps in the redpill process for some people, rather than having to prove conclusively that other races are less intelligent or parasitic, which would mean building up a separate case for each race. Rather than a negro-redpill, an indio-redpill, a jew-redpill, etc, we can simply skip them all and go straight to the heart with a biological competition-redpill. Perhaps arguments could simply be phrased as “The more Dixie we give away to aliens, the less Dixie we get to leave to our own children.”