Looking Forward to the Dixian Reclamation

I think Dixian Reclamation is a good lingo-meme for us to start using. It should be another way for us to frame the language of debate in our favor just as the Left has framed the language against us for decades, if not centuries. Perhaps somebody else has already used this term somewhere, but I am unaware, so here goes.

It would be advantageous in some cases to speak of the Reclamation instead of secession, though it wouldn’t work in every case since they are distinct concepts with secession being the actual political act of disunion. We should really think of secession as one step of the Reclamation process where some aspects of the Reclamation might be accomplished prior to secession and some might come after. We could consider Trump’s deportation of illegal aliens to be a step in the Dixian Reclamation.

  • Reclamation is more marketable than secession during the Trump era.
  • Reclamation is not associated with past failure like secession is.
  • Reclamation is a process that we can start winning at incrementally, and might justifiably claim we have already begun winning at.
  • Since it implies we are simply taking back what’s ours, Reclamation instantly and effortlessly gives us the moral upper hand in argument. OTOH, if we say secession, then we will have to wear ourselves out with never ending dialectic arguments that we are indeed morally justified, all of which our opponents will deny.
  • It would be easy to liken the Dixian Reclamation to the Spanish Reconquista, but we would be under no obligation to do so.
  • Reclamation is generally thought of in a positive sense, such as land reclamation from mining operations, or landfill reclamations, or reclamation of beaches.
  • In many people’s minds, the Union is the default and secession is an action to artificially create a disunion, but if we speak of reclamation, then we speak of restoring the natural order. Compare to the Civil Wrongs movement where some spoke of school “desegregation” while others spoke of “integration”. The difference between the two lies in what is memed as the natural state, and what is memed as the artificial state.

Let’s go ahead and formally define the term here:

Dixian Reclamation–The process of reclaiming the territory, culture, and political powers of Dixie for the occupation, sovereignty, positive ethnic identity, and general well-being of present and perpetual future generations of the Dixian people.

With this definition, it is very hard for an opponent to wrest the moral upper hand from us. If they countersignal the Dixian Reclamation, then we may press them to say which part they disagree with. Do they deny Dixians the right to occupy Dixie? Do they deny a people’s right to sovereignty? Are they against the well-being of an entire people group? Do they have a problem with us not going extinct? If they say that the vision threatens the Black/Hispanic/Arab population, then are they not conceding that we are racial competitors? Do they suddenly not believe in multiculturalism anymore?

The above definition:

  • bakes ethnic pride into the founding principles.
  • does not imply commitment to any universal values.
  • is more explicit than the Preamble in that it states “perpetual future generations of the Dixian people” instead of “our Posterity.”
  • implies replacement or above replacement fertility.
  • leaves our relationship with other races open ended.
  • leaves the means of achieving the vision open ended.
  • is very similar to, and a logical extension of the League vision “Survival, well-being and independence of the Southern People.”

Like I said earlier, it would be impossible for us to completely replace the word secession with reclamation even if we wanted to, but I think the term Dixian Reclamation, or simply Reclamation would be a pretty powerful tool in our toolbox for when it can be used.