Lingo-Memes: The Left’s Invisible Bullets Are Our Bullets Now

One thing we as Dixians really need to do is work on our language. No, not swearing. Memetic language. Our enemies create lingo-memes and push them constantly. This is something that the Left runs circles around us with. I think they just do it instinctively, but we apparently don’t. They frame the language of debate and they invent lingo-memes right and left. Framing the language and getting the enemy to use your words is an incredibly powerful tactic. It’s incredibly important that we wise up in this department or they are going to keep beating us up like Down Syndrome kids in the ghetto. It has to change and we are going to change it. At least we didn’t let them push the “undocumented-Americans” meme on us like they tried.

These words are psychological weapons. They manipulate minds and change the playing field to the advantage of whoever generated the successful meme. The Left has created the words homophobia, Islamophobia and xenophobia. It appears that the word “racism” was probably either coined by or brought into popular use by Leon Trotsky.

Think about the power that word has. Racism is really just a synonym for patriotism, but it has been successfully rebranded  as some great sin. It is still used to this day to reframe patriotism as the ultimate sin and it has been incredibly effective.

It’s possible for a lingo-meme to catch on with just one proponent, or completely accidentally upon some golden utterance, but ideally a few proponents would agree on certain lingo-memes and push them. One of my rules is to say “Southern whites” instead of “white Southerners.” Southerner has traditionally implied whiteness, but obviously there are people trying hard to rebrand it as multiracial. If we are going to rescue the word Southerner from cuckfederates at all, then I can guarantee we aren’t going to do it by speaking of “white Southerners.” I’m not sure the word can be saved in the first place, hence the word Dixian. By definition, all Dixians are white. There must never be any talk of “white Dixians” or we will turn it into another worthless identifier.

One really big win for us in recent times has been the rise of cuckservative, cuckChristian, or just cuck. It has been an incredibly powerful tool and has been worth millions if not billions of dollars already. Another big win for us has been the word “dindu.” Another one is “mudshark.” I would expect mudshark to be pretty useful, but judging by what I see every time I go to Walmart, we need to be using it more. Of course our enemies call it “swirling” so that’s a pretty strong meme that we are pushing back against. We could use a few more words as effective as cuck or dindu, but scores that big are going to be few and far between. We can still rack up a lot of smaller scores though. That’s what we must do, and that’s what we’re going to do.

It is expedient for at least a few of us to work together to intentionally create and push lingo-memes. It is not necessary for everybody to understand what is going on. In the same way, the vast majority of people that speak of homophobia or “marriage equality” don’t realize that they are engaging in memetic warfare. They are just sheeple, mindless masses being programmed by their masters.

Some lingo-memes won’t catch on, but that’s ok because they are low cost to invent. It’s a Darwinian phenomenon in that some will prove fit and some will not. Some lingo-memes we may do well to formally define, such as introducing them in posts and listed in Lexicon pages on certain blogs. If so, then so be it. We should then throw our lingo-memes into the twitterverse, blog comment threads and podcasts everywhere and with abandon. Some will fail, but some will be good seed and land on good ground.

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