Rebel Yell 205: Revolutionary Conservative, Augustus Invictus, Part II

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken’s Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 56th episode of Rebel Yell, Augustus Invictus returns to the programme with Julie to talk about their project Operation Leonidas.

We have a new twitter at: @identity_dixie. Ryan McMahon’s is @ryan_mcmahon18

The aim of Operation Leonidas is to create a documentary about the fall of Europe, the refugee crisis, the impact of Cultural Marxism on Western Civilization, enforced diversity, and the loss of European cultural heritage.

0:00 Good Ol’ Intro
0:30 Introduction
1:15 Operation Leonidas
4:35 The Other War Room
5:57 Revolutionary
6:55 FL Anti-Militia Law
9:30 Amendment III
10:20 Project Appleseed
11:20 Gun Liberty
12:50 Zimmerman
13:55 Freikorps
15:10 Venona Cables
18:20 State Guards
20:50 Fasces
23:41 American Founding
28:00 Revolutionary Con
29:50 Punching Right
31:50 W. F. Buckley
36:00 Committees of Safety

39:00 Dox Wars
45:20 Counter-Prop
45:45 Antifa
47:30 TV
51:40 Operation Leonidas
56:35 French Riots
1:00:00 Body Cams
1:04:20 Racism
1:06:20 Negroes
1:11:20 Strict
1:14:30 Liberia
1:19:45 French Riots
1:24:45 Birthright Citizen
1:27:10 2nd Gen Radicals
1:29:30 Front National
1:35:35 Solidarity
1:36:53 Occitan
1:38:35 Operation Leonidas
1:38:50 Revolutionary Con
1:39:47 Outro—Paddy

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