Arrows in the Hand of a Mighty Man

As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

Psalm 127:4-5

In and around nationalist circles, secession is always a hot topic. While we can debate and disagree upon the pros and cons of instantaneous secession, one thing that we as Southern and white nationalists are all in agreement upon is the need to secede in our minds from this sick, modern culture of death. One of the most important ways in which we can rebel against and exercise a type of secession from modernity is by establishing and cultivating large, patriarchal families. In the interests of promoting these healthy families, I would like to suggest that nationalists either begin to consider, or perhaps reconsider, homeschooling their children.

One positive of homeschooling is increased academic performance. Statistics suggest that homeschooled students typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public school students on standardized academic achievement tests. Is that because homeschooling is actually academically superior to public schooling or because higher quality people tend to homeschool? Probably a little bit of both, as taking more time to invest in children is indicative of low-time preference, as well as the nonsense like Common Core which is currently taught in many public schools.

The importance of pulling your children out of public schools is far greater than simple academic achievement, however. From the forced integration of public schools mid-century to the push for transvestites in bathrooms in 2016, the federal government of the United States consistently pushes a Culturally Marxist, anti-white, and anti-family agenda in its’ public schools. You could spend your child’s entire adolescence attempting to instill in them the importance of honoring their faith, family and folk. That only goes so far; however, when they spend 7 hours per day, hundreds of days per year learning that Lincoln fought a righteous war to free the slaves from the racist Southerners, Hitler was the most evil man to ever walk across the planet Earth, sodomy is a valid life style, and white people are to blame for the failures of third world populations.

Does this mistrust of public schools seem overblown? Well in the words of Georges Bernanos, “Institutions carry the same value as the order which sustains them.” The order which sustains our public schools is that of the child-raping politicians, the kikes and the leftist death cult. A nationalist’s lack of faith in the federal government of the United States should be extended to a skepticism of its’ institutions- especially the institutions that are responsible for the indoctrination of a globalist agenda in our children. The fact is, we cannot be sure that our children will keep up the good fight once we are gone; especially when they are extremely likely to be taught by a leftist in a public school- not to mention the high probability of further indoctrination if they choose to go to a university.

With public school out of the picture, the options are either private schooling or homeschooling. While private school is generally a better option than public school, you will still want to be careful in choosing an institution- not to mention that it is often quite expensive. Homeschooling, on the other hand, is much cheaper monetarily, requiring primarily the investment of time. Oftentimes, homeschooling parents will teach their children for only a few hours per day, resulting in much shorter school day as far as the traditional academic subjects go. Your child will have time to pursue other healthy interests, such as gardening or learning a trade; and most importantly, they will not have a Marxist public school teacher constantly battering them with a perverse agenda. For the white nationalist who does not want to see their child infected with poz, there really is not a better option. This might not be feasible for everyone, due to financial constraints or being a single parent. Even if it does not currently seem practical, give it some thought. There is plenty of support for homeschooling parents by way of forums, websites, groups and co-ops. So do some research if you haven’t, and really consider giving your child a head start in seceding in their minds from this sick culture.

The Psalm which is quoted above is actually the motto of the Quiverfull movement. If you don’t know who they are, doing a quick Google reveals that prestigious publications such as The Huffington Post and, the now defunct, Gawker refer to them in terms of absolute disdain. While not a member of their movement, myself, seeing who is arrayed against them is enough of a reason to support them. Common beliefs are as follows: Christian fundamentalism, opposition to birth control, being fruitful and multiplying, and the schooling of children in the home. There are certainly some tenets there that nationalists should adopt. As Quiverfull adherents view their children as arrows to be shot out to spread the Gospel, so should we view our children as arrows of our own- to strike the unnatural heart of the Leftist death cult and restore natural order.