The Foster Narrative – Degeneracy on Screen

Most of television is poisonous for the mind, barring a few noteworthy exceptions, i.e., Breaking Bad, Miami Vice and HBO’s Rome. There are some powerful messages in these shows, like piloting speed boats through South Beach and dissolving bodies in acid. However, for the most part, television, or the content within the shows, is all part of “The Narrative.”

The Narrative

What’s “The Narrative”? It’s the continuing onslaught being jammed into our heads that the following is, at the very least, acceptable, and, at most, the optimal way of thinking in modern America. “The Narrative” is the collective philosophy and ideology of communists, cultural Marxists and hedonistic degenerates. As for television, below is a sliver of “The Narrative”:

  • Heroes must be tragic and conflicted, not straightforward or decisive;
  • Heroines are much more preferable, if not desired;
  • If you must settle for a hero, don’t make them a white straight male;
  • Capitalism is bad;
  • Commerce is bad too;
  • Nationalism is evil, unless it’s a third world country;
  • Christians must always, and I mean always, be snarky, Bible-quoting hypocrites;
  • The US military must be extremely diverse, like only 30% men;
  • Teachers are proud and accomplished stewards of our children’s educational future;
  • Male police officers are brutes, that need to always have a female partner to keep them inline;
  • The FBI is almost exclusively made up of young, athletic white women;
  • Gay men are always very funny and charming;
  • Lesbian women are tough as nails and typically can outcompete men; and
  • Make sure that your villain has a Southern accent if possible, even if it doesn’t make sense.

AND, that’s just a portion of “The Narrative.” It’s everywhere and not just television, visit your local college and ask some mindless humanoid majoring in LGBT studies what he/she/it thinks. Where did they start thinking that way? Parents, maybe. Our failed education system, you can bet your bottom dollar. BUT, where was it reinforced, day in and day out, night after night – television.

You know, you have to give it to the Reds, they never waiver from the message.

The Fosters

So, you want to see degeneracy on the “boob tube” (there’s a reason for that nickname), check out The Fosters, which, unfortunately still airs on ABC Family. Ironically enough, ABC Family originally was founded by Pat Robertson as a Christian channel. Now, their slogan is “A New Kind of Family.” I wonder what kind of family?

If it’s anything like the fictional Fosters, it’s an interracial lesbian couple that has adopted a diverse group of happy go-lucky youngsters. The Fosters also aired the youngest male-on-male kiss scene on television, that’s compelling stuff for our young folks to watch. I’m not going to include a picture of the kiss scene because it’s turning my stomach. I recommend not Googling. Also, by the by and big surprise, the executive producer of the show, a huge queer named Peter Paige, previously worked on the show Queer as Folk.

Per this nancy-boy executive producer, “If people want to judge it, I think maybe they should watch and see how carefully, delicately and chastely it was handled. We are not here to sensationalize or exploit anyone.” Should the word “chaste” be used in that sentence? In addition, when is depicting two 13 year old boys making out not considered exploitation?

Civilizations more advanced than ours would have had this show cancelled forthwith; for a proper response, think England once they found out Alan Turing, Hollywood’s answer to World War II and, at the time, 39 years old, was delicately and chastely prodding a 19 year old.

So, who are the show’s prime demographics? Well, idiot adults and impressionable teens. The kind of morons that think creating a safe and inviting environment positively reinforcing homosexual behavior and acceptance is a good thing. In other words, they’re encouraging and approving maladjusted children to engage in sodomy. What’s the worst that could happen?

The show’s main characters fit “The Narrative” to a T. Meet Stef Marie Adams Foster, played by Teri Polo. Cop. Check. Tough as nails, with a warm heart. Check. Had a male partner. Check. Damn, “The Narrative” in action. Oh, and she “realized” she was a lesbian, after sleeping with her male partner (big surprise). I know watching television and film requires suspending one’s disbelief, but are you kidding me?


“The Narrative” doesn’t end there, check out the other member of this power couple. Meet Lena Elizabeth Adams Foster.

Per Wikipedia, Lena is “the biracial vice principal of the charter school the kids attend.” Remember, teachers, and I assume principals by extension, only attract the best and brightest in our society, along with the US Postal Service.

Don’t even get me started on the dipshit kids. They run the cliché gamut from the rebellious, but wise, teenage girl to the effeminate Frankie Goes to Hollywood teenage boy.

I implore the all our readership to tell all family, close friends, drinking buddies and even acquaintances that this faggotry fantasy must be stopped.