Rebel Yell 151: Season Finale, Rebel Talking Points

That’s Meowblitz—the Reichs-meow-schall—putting us back in our place. His mention of Reactionary Tree was making fun of our good-natured rivalry with pan-nationalists on the Alt-Right, but it gave us a topic to talk about on this episode.

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken’s Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 51st episode of Rebel Yell, The TRS Confederates attempt to answer some of the common criticisms of Southern Nationalism from other Alt-Righters.

We got busy and didn’t put out a show the week before Christmas, so this’ll be our holiday and season finale show. We’ll start the new year with our second season. Have a happy Christmastide and New Year, TRS!

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Thanks goys!

0:00 Meowblitz Intro
0:30 Introduction
1:30 Talk about the War?
2:48 Appalachia and the South
4:50 Second American Revolution
6:32 Muh Slavery
8:00 Muh Tariff
10:15 Slavery Grew
12:30 Will Galloway on SN Critiques
13:30 Authority
15:00 Euros Like SN
16:20 Myth of Poor Southerners
17:00 Slavery Statistics
18:50 Planters as Rulers
20:25 Industrialists
21:05 WN vs. Slavery
23:00 Southern Honour
26:25 The South is British
28:05 English Liberty
29:00 The Norman Redpill
29:35 Conservative Frontiersmen
31:45 Jeffersonianism
34:15 Two Kinds of Revolution
35:20 Self-Determination
37:00 Muh Freedom
38:35 Turning Our Frogs Gay
42:00 Marcus Aurelius on Lee
45:30 Southern Underdog
49:30 Stonewall Jackson
52:15 Western Theater
53:45 Sherman
55:30 Stonewall II
59:00 Lost Causes
1:03:20 Negro Question
1:07:00 Taming Frontiers
1:10:05 No White Castes
1:10:45 Southern JQ
1:15:05 Sutler Controversy
1:15:45 White Slaves
1:19:00 Southern Sparta
1:22:20 Class Mobility
1:26:05 First Blood
1:31:05 Sectional Strife
1:33:15 US Exceptionalism
1:35:00 Demographic Doom
1:36:30 Foreign Hordes
1:38:30 Unassimilated Whiteness
1:40:55 Abstraction-Cucks
1:42:50 As Below, So Above
1:44:50 Local Lordship
1:48:55 South Different?
1:54:30 Will BTFO’s Larry
1:54:50 Appalachia
1:58:25 Tempered Brits
2:01:25 Anglicanism
2:03:20 White Jihad
2:07:20 The Swiss Pill
2:09:50 Catholic Criticism
2:11:20 Catholic Unity, Noble Disunity
2:12:40 Todd Lewis
2:14:20 Divisive Southerners
2:16:20 Why did the Union Fight?
2:18:10 Appalachian Question
2:20:45 Outro—Paddy