Rebel Yell 134: Radix, Richard Spencer

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m you host, Musonius Rufus. For our 34th episode of Rebel Yell, Ryan McMahon, Mencken’s Ghost, Scott Terry, and I interview Richard Spencer of Radix Journal and the National Policy Institute.

We are dropping early to shill for the NPI press conference “What Is the Alt Right?”. It will be this Friday, September 9th at 1 pm Eastern at the National Press Club in DC. Richard Spencer will be joined by Peter Brimelow of VDARE, and Jared Taylor of American Renaissance.


NPI Announcement. “Venue to be Announced Morning of September 9.” It will be somewhere in “Downtown, Washington, DC 20001“

We also have a special announcement from Paddy Tarleton after our interview with Spencer.

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Guests & Crew:
Natt (@NattDanelaw), Vanzetti Vandal (@VanzettiVandal), Mencken’s Ghost (@MenckensghostRY), Will “Best Intern” Galloway (@hound_bill), Scott Terry (@Shotgunz_Smith), Freelance Autist (@FreelanceAutist)

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0:00 Good Ole Intro
0:30 Announcements
2:00 Richard Spencer
2:30 Summer of 88
3:20 Natt Danelaw
5:00 Ethnonationalism
6:00 Heimbach Affair
6:40 Dr. Michael Hill
7:00 Fags & Flags Week
7:22 Jack Donovan
7:50 Guillaume Faye
8:43 Budapest Jail
9:20 Heimbach
10:12 Boots v. Suits
11:20 Takimag
12:20 Leagues v. Union
14:50 Tom Woods
15:11 Lost Cause
16:24 Amerikaners
18:08 LvMI
19:26 Lincoln
20:55 Scott Terry
21:20 Tom Dilorenzo
22:00 Vanzetti Vandal
22:45 American Nations
23:30 Sahara of Bozart
25:15 Michael Cushman
27:00 Southern Agrarians
28:30 “Alt-Right”
29:30 John Derbyshire
30:00 A Paleo Epitaph
32:00 YWC
32:30 Ron Paul
34:00 Carl Schmitt
34:40 Jared Taylor
37:20 Alt-Right Tripod
38:30 Edmund Burke
38:50 Milo
40:25 Alt-Right Style
41:42 Phyllis Schlafly
43:00 Log Cabin Cons
44:00 Cuck Wilson
45:00 Common Filth
46:25 Murdoch Murdoch
47:20 4th Turning
48:00 Authenticity
49:40 Nigredo
50:10 Admiral Stockdale
52:00 Trump
56:00 Solid South
56:28 Mormons
58:02 Trump Alliance
59:10 Hillary
1:01:00 Neocons
1:04:48 Bernie
1:05:45 Kunstler
1:07:04 Shelley v. Krae
1:08:08 John Ruskin
1:09:00 Eugenics
1:10:00 Romanticism
1:12:05 Brexit
1:15:00 Empire
1:16:40 Euro-Sceptic
1:18:45 Federalism
1:20:55 Empires
1:23:25 Total State
1:24:45 Bearing Arms
1:29:25 Ukraine
1:32:45 Man is Fallen
1:33:50 Ethnic Natures
1:35:35 Scottish Exit
1:36:40 Boots v. Suits II
1:39:10 Pool Parties
1:39:45 Mencken’s Ghost
1:40:45 Tobacco
1:42:55 NPI Conferences
1:44:20 Press Conference
1:45:20 Jack Hunter
1:48:15 Jeffrey Tucker
1:49:45 Paleo-Avengers
1:54:35 Bill Kaufman
1:56:00 Liberty Move.
1:56:45 Kochtopus
1:58:07 Chris Cantwell
158:40 Paul Gottfried
1:59:09 Larry Auster
2:00:25 Takimag
2:01:00 Paddy Tarleton
2:01:44 TWP
2:07:10 Outro